Saturday, February 16, 2008

Across the Universe

Yesterday the weather changed again? What else is new, this is Texas, the state where weather doesn't like to stay the same. Since it was raining and cold outside and I had no voice, hubs and I decided to watch a movie. Across the Universe had come in the mail, so we thought we would give it a try.
I had heard it was some trippy weird movie, but I was up for it!
Let me be the first to say. If you have not seen this movie, go BUY IT, RENT IT, and WATCH IT! I can easily say this is the best movie I have seen in years. It is inventive, creative, beautiful, and touching.
The music and the choreography is impeccable! It had mood evoking cinematography and the entire movie just permeates your body.
In other words... this movie makes me happy!
We also watch La Vie En Rose recently. Overall, I thought it was a good movie. Nothing to write home about. I am a sucker for French movies! I always try and see how much French I retained (not very much) but also I love French movies that are old. Where you can see old Paris!
Anyway, the movie was heartbreaking. Plus, it switched from old to new so many times, I couldn't even keep up. I was like, what time frame is this? Wait... are we back to regulat time?
Overall, I would say it is a good story, but not a movie I would recommend everyone watch.
On a happier note...
Sat. (today): Hubs and Dad are finishing painting the room (YIPPEEE!) And we are going to pick up our baby furniture!
Sun: I am having my 2nd shower with Hubs Mom's friends. Should be fun. There should be good pictures, which I will post Monday! Also, I get to show off my hot new haircut AND my sassy new dress. Not to mention the 7 1/2 month preggo belly.
Hope you all have a good weekend!
PS: Just in case your wondering... no the voice has not returned. I am stuck in a silent world for one more day :)


Rachel said...

hey girl! i haven been wanting to see across the universe!! i'm jealous.

yay for hubby finishing up bradys room & for picking up furniture!!! it's getting so close to your little man being here, you've got to be so excited!!!!!

hope you have fun at your shower! get better soon girl!!

Julie Q said...

awww have an awesome time at your shower!! I definitely want to check out Across the Universe soon

~Angela~ said...

It's weird how polarizing Across the Universe is. I went in expecting to love it (I love the Beatles, I love movie musicals, I love creative filmmaking...), and walked out with a visual migraine. I had to close my eyes at some points during the movie because I was so nauseated.

Well, I guess I'm glad you like it.

Clueless Cat said...

I agree with you about La Vie en Rose - it was ok, but not earth shattering-ly good, like a lot of ppl thought.

Haven't seen Across the Universe yet but it's opening in HK soon, so will check it out :)