Thursday, February 28, 2008


Love: That the nursery is almost finished!
Hate: That I can't just swish my hands and have it all done!
Getting started

Just getting started...
Building the Crib

Putting together the crib
Dad and Crib

Step by Step...
Matt and crib

Ta Da!
Crib and Bedding

With Bedding!
Dresser and Mural



Love: That my job is finally coming together!
Hate: That it can't move any faster ;P

Love: That my man is almost here... 5 weeks! *Squeee!!!
Hate: That it is really starting to take a toll on my body.

Love: That hubs gives in to my every craving!!
Hate: That I can't do more for him!

Love: Love me some Popeyes Chicken!! Oh yeah!
Hate: That it is so damn bad for you!

Hate: That yesterday morning I was awakened by a Charlie Horse I cannot even describe. the pain was excrushiating!
Love: That hubs was willing to wake up at 6am with me screaming and massage it to get it to feel better.

Love, Love the hubs!!


Michelle said...

It looks so great!!!

Lisa said...

Looks good. You will have a big huge relief I'm sure once its complete and ready for Brady.

I would love to get the kiddos together once they are here! I've heard so much about you from Michelle.

Oh and for the charlie horse... eat a banana everyday... your potassium is low. I have the same problem. Hope that helps.

Clueless Cat said...

aw, it looks fab!!! love that love/hate graphic thing you found as well, lol.

what do you mean about the 'job finally coming together'? (did i miss something?)

Ashley said...

ohmygosh LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! its gorgeous!