Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday!

Well folks, it is Super Tuesday, and since I have no real interest in blogging about politics, I thought I would write somet things down that are Super and really Not So Super.

Super: We started decorating the nursery
Not So Super: We are only at the removal of fugly wallpaper. Seriously, the wallpaper reminds me of Bob Ross and Happy Trees. There are flowers and it is yellow. Enough said.

Super: It was 85 degrees outside yesterday
Not So Super: My sugar was screwed up so I couldn't drive my convertible because I couldn't see straight

Super: Went and saw the doc and Mr Brady is fine and dandy in there. Not to mention I get a bonus sonogram on the 18th, just because!
Not So Super: My sugar still sucks and I still have to watch my diet

Super: Today it is raining. MMM... I love rainy days inside.
Not So Super: Hubs had to wake up at 4am for a meeting and he won't be here to celebrate the rain with me.

Anything super or not so super about your Tuesday?


Tina Vaziri said...

Sorry your sugar is still not good, but I bet your nursery will look soo adorable when it's finished!

rachel elizabeth said...

85? seriously? i'm moving to texas.


Katelin said...

Oh good luck decorating the nursery, that should be so fun!

As for me...
Super: I'm sort of ahead on my work.
Not so super: Still have lots and lots to do, haha.

Michelle & the City said...

yay for starting the nursery! that is so exciting! :)

i have happy hour with friends today so i guess that's super!

Julie Q said...

85 degrees yesterday? tear drop.. its like 30 degrees out right now, and getting colder. oh and congrats on the superbowl. keep up that humble pie :)

Larissa said...

I love rain too!

Super: I went and voted first thing in the morning.

Not So Super: My husband is out of town for 3 days, and I'm already missing him.

Nanette said...

Jealous of your fabulous weather! Have fun with the nursery, despite the fugly wall paper!

bleeding espresso said...

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis; what a pain in the arse.

And I hope you *didn't* think of Nutella as much as possible on World Nutella Day ;)