Monday, February 25, 2008


I got this idea from Blogging Barbie and I thought it was great!

~ I almost called you today, you are, afterall, my best friend. Then I stopped myself because I didn't want to burden you with more issues. It seems I always go to you for advice and you never come to me. Maybe I am trying too hard?

~ I want to be appreciative of all you do, I want to appreciate you as a friend, but the truth is, I cannot! I cannot be appreciative of someone who is verbally abusive. You don't understand what happens when that side of you comes out. You don't know who you hurt! They aren't just words, they are feelings attached to words. They are feelings that bring up more feelings and they effect people! I wish you would change, but I know you won't, and that saddens me the most.

~ I want to love you like a sister. I really want you to be better. I know you can't because of certain circumstances, but I really really want you to try. I want you to be better for yourself not because people want you to be. You really have so much to offer! I see it hidden behind the surface. Sometimes you let me see it and I love you for that! Why can't it come out all the time? For everyone to see?

~ I used to be a pushover, now I am just a bitch! I have an opinion, I don't easily forgive, and don't EVER get on my bad side, or I will scar you with this sharp tongue of mine!

~ I am appreciative of all you both do for me. I love how caring, how concerned and how much your love shows! I am so happy this is where we are in our relationship. I know it was a long haul. I am just so glad this is where we are now.

~ She is going to leave you! Can't you see that you change when you are around her? Can't you see that you change just to be with her? Can't you see that you were FINE they way you WERE? Why can't you see she is no good for you? Why can't you see outside of yourself? How much longer is this going to go on? Ignoring friends, ignoring calls, ignoring the true you, just for someone else? Maybe this is your journey in life. Maybe it is supposed to go this way. I don't know, I don't understand, and for some reason... it still hurts to even think about it!

~ Why are some people just dealt a bum deck? I understand you have choices in life, but why in the beginning do some people get screwed and others just get to smile through it? I will never understand why you were dealt a bum deck! I will never understand why you can't get out of this rut. I don't think, truthfully, I will ever understand you. I wish the bond never broke. I wish we could be closer. I wish you the best. I actually ache for you to be better. Why can't it happen? It is not like you haven't tried? It is not like you haven't payed the damn price. Why is the world so cruel sometimes? Am I missing a peice? Am I missing a link to make me understand? Why?

Any anonymous dish you want to share? If anything... it feels good!


Nanette said...

I love this post! How cathartic!

Lindsay said...

I want to do this but I have a feeling the personal I was talking about would know... ahhhh

Jenn said...

I agree with Lindsay, although there might be more than one :(