Saturday, February 2, 2008

Not Guilty?

Are you joking?? Wesley Snipes was found not guilty on federal tax evasion charges. He did, however, get convicted of 3 misdemenor charges for failure to file taxes. DUH! What a crock! The man files no taxes for 5 years, gets a slap on the wrist and now heads to tax court to see what (if any) of the 16 million he needs to pay in back taxes.

I seriously can't believe it. I don't understand how someone in this country can plead such a stupid defense (back me up here CDP!) and get away with it?

I am utterly dumb founded. I hope they charge him 16 million plus interest!! I also hope, every yahoo in America doesn't watch this and think they don't have to make taxes because they only made 26k and Wesley Snipes made 38 Million. UGH! I am so irratated!

Any explanations?