Thursday, January 31, 2008


Seriously! That is how I feel today!

Since I started working part time, I have tried to incorporate things in my life that I would like to do before a baby comes into it and I have no energy left for me.

My first thought: I would really like to play the guitar! So, the other day, I head down to Circut City, pick up a beginners CD, and begin learning.

(If only it were that easy... right?) Now, because of this sugar mania, I have to prick my fingers about 12 times a day, so playing and learning the guitar is becoming a sore subject if you will. *Yes I know that was lame, but damn that is how I feel today!*

Second Though: Paint/Draw something. Well, considering I could be the worst drawer, that is not such an easy challenge. But then, I saw a paint by number, and though... aaaha! This is something I can do! Oh yeeah! So I have started that... but what I figured, yet again, is that you have to use the tips of your fingertips. Blugh!

My next quest: a puzzle. Yes, a mind numbing (all be it a cute puzzle) puzzle! This sugar thing is a real pain in my ass, can i just say that!

Eat this, don't eat this, no ice cream for you fatty preggo lady. UGH! Why does health have to be so freaking important? Why can't we all just eat ice cream and donuts and look like God intended us to look.
Oh and did I mention I have to prick my sensitive fingers, yet again, in 20 min? baijdofuodiuflkfj!
Calories Schmalories. Stick your cream filled donught where the sun don't shine!


Kelli said...

Oh I'm so sorry you have to keep pricken! The things we do for our sweet babies.. it will ALL be WORTH IT in about 2 months my dear!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

mmm icecream and doughnuts. ....

Katelin said...

*hugs and hugs*

Clueless Cat said...

Eek, sounds painful! but drawing/painting would only require one hand - you could just prick the finger on the other! (right?)

Anyway, if you did wanna give drawing a go, this is a really inspiring book: (everyday matters, by danny gregory. It's the amazon link!)

Rachel said...

so.. i totally left a comment last night, and it's not here. wtf. anyway. i hope you're haning in there girlie. this will all be behind you soon enough (even thats no consolation for the suckyness that you are dealing with right now. sometimes a girl needs a doughnut, damn it!)


Julie Q said...

ahhh enjoy all the ice cream you want! you are the cutest pregnant woman ever :) you totally deserve it