Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day Ideas

So I thought since V-day is tomorrow, I would give some great ideas for V-day surprises. These are great if you've only known him a week, or have been married to him for 10 years :)

Heart Shaped Guitar Picks:
My boyfriend and I had only been dating a short while before Valentine’s Day, so I didn't really want to get something super expensive. I just wanted to do something small and meaningful. He plays guitar, so I went out and bought a dozen guitar picks. I took a pair of scissors and trimmed them into hearts. Then I filed down the edges and put them all in a little clear bag tied with a ribbon. I made a card and I picked out candy hearts with the messages I liked on them. When we were exchanging our gifts on Valentine's Day, I gave him the picks and he loved them. Then I gave him one candy heart at a time and told him he had to do everything they said on them, like "hold me," "hug me," and "kiss me." He loved the whole thing.--submitted by Sophie

Gifts on the Hour:
For Valentine’s Day one year, I decided to give my fiancé a gift every hour he was at work. When he got to work at 8:30, a simple little card was there waiting for him wishing him a happy Valentine's Day. At 9:30, his breakfast was delivered (an omelet, hash browns, sausage, toast and orange juice). At 10:30, I sent him a huge batch of balloons. I made his favorite cream cheese cookies and had them delivered by one of my good friends wearing a clown costume at 11:30. At 12:30, a pizza and a soda came for his lunch. I sent him a huge gift bag of candy at 1:30. By this time, everyone he worked with congregated in his office on the hour waiting to see what was coming. He felt so special. I think everyone was pretty jealous. At 2:30, a stuffed frog was delivered that said, "I love you" on it. And finally at 3:30, I delivered a dozen red roses in a vase to him to say, “I love you!” I had so much fun planning the whole day, and he really loved it. -- submitted by Kelly

A Memory box for My Man:
This year, I’m planning ahead for Valentine’s Day. I am collecting mementos from the things we’ve done all year long to put in a Valentine’s Day box. I’m making it a point to save things that are meaningful to him. For example, I took a cardboard coaster from a pub we visited on the coast. He tried his new favorite beer for the first time that day, and I think he’ll be thrilled that I remembered. Another thing I’ve saved so far is my ticket from a college basketball game we went to with is dad. I’m attaching a little note to each thing saying something about the memorable event. I’m also throwing in a few of the love notes we have left for each other.

Commuter Valentine's Gift:
My husband used to leave at 5 a.m. every morning to commute to work while I was going to college. One Valentine's Day, I place a few commuter comfort items in his car the night before. I had gotten a good deal on a heated massaging seat cover. I also bought him a CD of his favorite singer, some coffee shop gift certificates and chocolate-covered coffee beans (which he loves). He thought it was a nice surprise on a cold Valentine's Day morning!

Pleasure Hunt:
For Valentine's Day last year, I sent my man on a "Pleasure Hunt". He woke up to a large box wrapped up with Valentine's paper, I filled it with 5 heart-shaped Mylar balloons, so when he opened the box the balloons would rise and give him his first clue, the clue read, "This is a Pleasure Hunt. Follow the hearts, and if you play your cards right you’ll end the day feeling nothing but pleasure.” The first card led him to a local spa where I treated him to an hour-long massage and an early lunch. When his lunch at the spa was served, he was given his next clue and a gift card. These led him to a local CD store where I had a romantic CD held for him and his next clue, which told him to look in his glove compartment. There he found his next clue, which told him to call me (so I knew when he was on his way) and to bring the CD to the front desk of a local hotel. When he got to the front desk, he was given a package I had held for him, and another clue. It was a key to a room in the hotel with a little tag on it that simply said "I’m Waiting". When he walked into the room, I had candles, rose petals, whipped cream, grapes, strawberries, champagne, cream cheese dip, a heart shaped tub, and me in sexy lingerie, all waiting for him. I gave him his attire for the evening - silk boxers and a matching blindfold. The night was amazing for both of us!

A Funny Valentine:
My boyfriend and I are broke students attending different colleges that are four thousand miles apart from each other. We can't be together for Valentine's Day this year, but I have a few ideas as to how I can still make the day special without spending a lot of money. I’m going to send him a box full of little things that will let him know how I feel. First, I’m gonna rip up twelve little pieces of rice paper, put on some dark red lipstick, and kiss every piece. I figure if I can't send him a dozen red roses, I can send him a dozen red kisses. He and I love the song "Funny Valentine," and I love to sing it all the time. But he has never heard me sing at all, so I am going to record myself singing our song and put the CD in the box. And the final addition to my Valentine's Day box will be a little on the seductive side. I have a black satin thong with crystal strings that I bought months ago at Victoria's Secret. I have not worn them yet because I am waiting until I see him. So, I am putting that in the box as a kind of "promise" to wear it as soon as we see each other this summer. I'm sure that he'll absolutely love it!

And my personal fav!!

Trade Candy for “Treats:"
A week before Valentine’s Day I am going to hide little cinnamon hearts around the house. I’m going to give my boyfriend a decorated jar and explain that he needs to find and collect them throughout the week to “spend” on Valentine’s Day. Then when the day finally comes, I'll give him a menu of options he can use the candies to (i.e. Massage = 10 hearts, Homemade Dinner for Two= 2 hearts, etc.). I think it'll be fun, and it will ensure that he gets the Valentine's Day he wants rather than one I think he wants!

Hope these give you some great ideas!!

P.S. Hubs if your reading this. No, I did not put my gift idea on here... that would ruin it! Mwwaa!


Katelin said...

Aw those are some really cute ideas :)

DG said...

thanks for the good ideas! But a present every hour? I don't have that much energy :)

Julie Q said...

forget my hubs.. will YOU be my valentine this year?!?! you are too thoughtful!

Clueless Cat said...

Those are really sweet ideas! Will have to save them for next year...or maybe for my 'real' VDay next month! :)

Tell us how you surprised your hubs after you've done it! :)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!! While I was reading this I thought that you've done all of these throughout the years and was like, "my god- she really loves valentine's day!" lol