Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Started to talk and found out my voice didn't really want to stick around. UGH! I hate having a scratchy voice. I sound like a man. More like a guy selling hot dogs at a Ball Park. This sucks.

Fat Belly, Baby kicking, sugar too high to eat ice cream, and now this. Damn, what a night. BLUGH!
Maybe I am having simpathy for all the singers on American Idol... ok seriously, GUY LINER RYAN? Who are you kidding with that? Kthxbye!


Larissa said...

I agree - Ryan has finally gotten rid of most of his annoying traits, but then wears makeup. Yuck.

BB said...

Which one is Ryan? I watch Idol here (uk) though I think we get it 1-2 weeks after you. Great stuff, although there are no more auditions :(

Hope you get your voice back soon!