Friday, February 22, 2008

Love Letters

Dear Sleep:

It is me, Andréa, I know you probably forgot who I am, since you haven't been by in a while, but I was hoping by writing you this letter you would come back. I remember, back in the day, I used to lay my head on the pillow and poof! there you would be. Carressing and holding me for hours at a time. Now it seems, every hour, on the hour, you leave me for someone else?

Have I not been good to you all these years? What can I do to win back your heart??

Your very sleep deprived friend!

Dear Sun:

I can't seem to understand why you come and go, and don't ever want to stick around. Remember, this is Texas! In February you are supposed to be here all the time. Have you found someone else? Is Miami treating you better? I am sorry if they are, but just know that we here in Texas miss you! Remember back in the summer of 07 when I would go out every afternoon to greet you! Remember my barely there bikini and my pool? Maybe you and Sleep should talk so all of us could get together again!

Talk it over and get back with me!

Your Albino, Italian, Sleep Deprived Friend!


Lady Luck said...

Lemmie tell ya- I am the queen of sleepless nights. I've given up and now turned to drugs. ;)

Tina Vaziri said...

Have you tried breathing techniques for sleep?

Breathe in very slowly, hold it for a few seconds when you have reached full capacity in your lungs, exhale completely and very slowly. Repeat several times.

Maybe the deeper relaxation will let you sleep more through the night. Hope you find something that works!

Julie Q said...

wow that makes me feel better to know that the sun is not around in TX because I've been blaming Boston for my winter blues.....
damn groundhog WHY did he have to see his shadow?!

elysa said...

maybe the sun got your memo it's gracing us today with it's presence.