Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy LURVE Day!!

Happy Lurrrve Day folks!

I totally saw this on someone's post and I forgot who it was. Darn, I am a bad bloggy friend.

She posted about what Love is to different people.

SO I thought I would share with you, what Love is to me.

Love is... a baby that you've never met meaning the WORLD to you!

Love is... a hubs that takes care of you, even when your tired, fat and cranky!

Love is... friends that call, just because!

Love is... Daddy's that come over and give you things that only mean something to you! (i.e. The sports Illustrated of the Giants win!)

Love is... Mom's that call to check up on you daily ;-)

Love is... Family members that send you care packages, just so you know they care.

What is love to you??

Whether you have that special someone to kiss and hold, or just someone who means more than you can share? Tell them so today!

Forget about the gifts and the glamour (don't get me wrong, I still want some roses) just remember that today is about everyone who shows you love, every OTHER day of the year!!


Katelin said...

Love is...a boyfriend that tells you you're gorgeous, even when you feel awful.

And many many other things.

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day! :)

Julie Q said...

happy valentines day! and if you find yourself cold, you can always burn that giants sports illustrated issue over a nice fire and warm ya right up :) just sayin...

Tanja said...

Love is people like you, who open your heart, spirit,home and are forgiving, patient and kind. I miss you girl!PS You are one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL pregnant women I've ever seen!!!