Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Mondays!

Since Monday's normally suck, I thought I would write about things that make me happy!

1. Chocolate Ice Cream!! Mmm! On a cone!

2. Getting random envelopes in the mail (from Uncle R ;-) that have confetti from the Giants parade, that I wasn't able to attend, nor see on the TV! Gotta love uncle's with spare time!!

3. My baby furniture coming in WAY early!! *However, I really hope this isn't some sort of sign from God saying you should get ready cuz your man is coming soon.... eeeek!
4. My high chair arriving Tuesday - Thanks NONA!!!
5. A half way painted room for my new baby boy!

6. People smiling while at the ice cream store b/c they see your pregnant!! *Seriously, it is kind of funny, but also weird.

7. Hubs being around to eat dinner with me tonight

8. Valentines day comin up! Lobster Risotto... here I come!

9. Extenstions being removed and a sassy new haircut to follow!


10. My 2nd baby shower being this weekend! And I get to wear my hot new dress, plus get a mani/pedi.

It just doesn't get much better than this folks!


Katelin said...

Sounds like a fabulous Monday :)

BB said... cream...

Congrats on the baby and getting the furniture ready. You must be so excited :D