Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gay Elvis?

*Let me preface this post by saying... I LOVE gay guys. Most of the time they are a blast and when I worked retail, I couldn't get enough of shopping and hanging out with them.

Last night on American Idol the guys sang. I thought some of them were pretty good, however I was pretty peeved that they took the Leif Garrett look-a-like over the Southern homeless kid. I think his name was Josiah? Overall, though, I thought it was an ok show. Some VERY weird song choices... hello Grand Prarie, Texas guy, with the weird blonde streak in your hair? Ummm.... did you think you were on some Carnival Cruise and that the song MoonRiver wasn't cheesy enough? Somehow you thought you had to add a little Velveta to the mix. UGH! Anywho...

My question is... can anyone explain how both gay guys (now, I am totally stereotyping here, I have no idea IF they are gay, but they don't seem to be shying away from the closet) picked an Elvis song? I mean, we are talking ELVIS here. The Original, All American, Swinging hips heterosexual Elviss! He was the original heart throb.
Ok that David guy, with the blackish brown hair, I LOVED the outfit, but you didn't even sing jail house rock. You just shook your non butt and your skinny tie. And then there was that blonde guy, I think his name was Colton, ok WHATEVER! That was NOT good. I didn't get it!

I am seriously not trying to bash the gay guys (there were plenty others that were bad) but come on people! If you gonna pick Elvis... make him sound masculine and rock it out!!

*Stepping down from Soapbox now, kthx!


Rachel said...

okay. so. idol. last night. the only one that blew me away completely was little 17 year old david. HELLO?! he's amazing. and dreadlocks boy, Jason? LOVED him. LOVED. i might be a little, tiny bit in love with colton... he reminds me of a friend i had in high school. :o) i can't wait for the girls tonight!!!


Lindsay said...

HAHAHAAAAA, I am so cracking up here! I had a HUGE issue with almost all of the songs performed last night. I swear this is the first season that I am right on board with Simon and his crazy BUT OH SO TRUE thoughts of the guys! I love the little David guy, the 16 year old and LOVES the rockers as I always do... I also loved loved the guy with dreads he was so nervous also. but all the rest did nothing for me... OH I think the last guy, the one from Australia is a HOTTIE, WOW! Ok, I am blabbing now HA!
I cant wait to see the girls!

elysa said...

I haven't watched last nights yet but that is pretty funny I will definitely watch for the gay elvis wannabees

DG said...

OMG I SO agree with you!!! Crazy song choices!

Larissa said...

Those guys were both terrible last night.

HOWEVER. That uber-skinny guy who looked and sounded like a depressed 40-year old mom with a bad 80's perm, and whose performance put me to sleep??? How did he get through to Holloywood?!

Andrea said...

Rachel: LOVED that kid! I think he is going to go a long way!

Lindsay: Dred guy rocked the house. He is so cute!

Elysa: Seriously, you need to watch it!

DG: I mean really, it was the 60's couldn't they do better??

Larissa: I KNOW! I think that was the leif Garrett look a like. He was crappy too!

Julie Q said...

I'm totally not sure if i'm feeling american idol this season! The two guys I liked didn't make it past hollywood (the kid who wanted to be president and Josiah!) can you tell the cheesier the contestant- the better!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the idol...but I think it may have jumped the shark. As for Elvis- I totally agree with you! I was a little more impressed with the ladies this season though.