Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let the Trash Talking Begin!!

Tomorrow at 3pm CST the NY Giants take on the Dallas Cowboys

Considering I am in Dallas, but originally from NY, there is a deep rivalry that happens in the fam. Even though both my parents grew up in NY (both originally JETS fans) and we didn't move here until I was 9, they have become traitors and have now begun rooting for the Cowgirls. My husband, a born and bred Texas, has always been lead astray and has always rooted for the Cowgirls.

The trash talking started early this week between my dad and I and it went a little something like this...

Him: It will be a big week for the NFC East leading Boys v the G-Men. Let the trash talking begin.
Andrea, I put Bob in copy so you would have a little support when the ‘Boys take Manning, Plexi and Shockey to the back of the woodshed.

Me: Oh my dear Cowboys rooting friend… oh how you are so wrong!! Considering Mr. Romo was hanging out with none other than Britney Spears this past weekend, I would say the G-Men are on their way to victory!! If that is a not a lapse in judgment who the hell knows what is? He may just need to call Michael Vick to see when he, TO and Tank Johnston could all go out for a little “gang bangin’” Love Ya!!

Day 2 of Trash Talking
Me: Miss u daddy. Did u see my baby is the size of an apple. We need to do dinner sun. So I can watch ur face while the cowgirls get trampled :D

Him: Careful sweetie. You may have to eat sour grapes come Sunday. But I would love to watch it with you. I'll make a nice sausage and ham chili. LOL.

Just to give you the back story... my dad and I are so similar it is frightening sometimes. We have so much fun and we love to cook, but I hate sausage and ham. So everytime he cooks he alwyas seems to throw some pork scraps in there just to make me gag :) Love ya daddy!

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Lorelei said...

What a beautiful wedding photo. I love the photo of me at my wedding with my dad.

Here in Maryland, the Cowboys are considered to be pure evil.

Thanks for the comment with the link to the job interview tips. I always have trouble getting motivated to do number 4 (research), and number 8 was new information for me (ending with those questions). It's a very nice resource, thanks.

Michelle said...

I was partially raised at Texas Stadium so sorry Drea I bleed blue and silver!! Love ya!

Rachel said...

that picture of you is gorgeous!!!


let's go EAGLES!

haha. i'm from jersey. they might be the most disappointing sports team ever, but they still have my heart.

i still think i'd take the giants over dallas though. god, i hope they kick t.o.'s ass. what a disgrace. <333

Andrea said...

Loreliei: Thank you! I am a true daddy's girl. I love Maryland.. EVIL COWBOYS

Michelle: Your lucky I love you and your little girl! Just kidding. Miss ya!

Rachel: BOO EAGLES ;-) Thanks! Giants are gonna win no problem!

Valley Girl said...

Awww!!!!!!!! You looked so beautiful on your wedding day!

cdp said...

Umm, hi? GORGEOUS picture. Good Lord woman!

Also, I HATE THE COWBOYS with a blood-red passion.

So go Giants!

Julie Q said...

Aww what a pretty wedding picture!! So pretty :)