Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pregnancy Ups and Downs

I know they say pregnancy throws you curve balls, but this is a bit ridiculous! Today I was SO excited about looking at nursery ideas... I am talking, SO excited.
Then I watched Oprah and saw this amazing black, white, and pink nursery... ADORABLE. Then, for no reason at all, I started crying... which is NOT like me at all!

I start crying and thinking about everything, and anything. So I cry, and think... no big deal, just a good cry right??

Well, then I get this email that says check out this guys photography, Jared Ray Photogrophy, so I do, and I start crying again. How weird?? I see this beautiful gal and her hubs with their soon to be born baby and it puts me in this sad, crying spiral.

Don't know how many of you know this, but in June I ended up looking like this
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after my near death experience (and I am warning you... if you are not in the mood for some drama, don't even bother reading) and now I look like this...

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but slightly more preggo.

I guess the crying was about seeing that beautiful girls, unscarred stomach and I just realized I won't be getting any of those photos. Ok... enough crying. I really don't think I have any left.


misspriss said...

You are ABSOLUTLEY beautiful! That scar will always be a reminder of how beautiful life is....and hey, I say, "If ya don't have a gallbladder're NOT cool!" ;)Plus, you can have gorgeous maternity pics without skin showing...I'll send you some more photographers work...and hell,if you're like me and michelle, you might just get another scar when this is all said and done!
I love you, Baby Drea!!

Nanette said...

Oh, wow! What an ordeal you went through! I'm glad you turned out ok! And I agree with Missy - you can have amazingly beautiful maternity pics sans skin. :)

Roam2Rome said...

Aw, but you pulled through and are expecting a beautiful child!

I've worked in prenatal diagnostics and premature Newborn Intensive Care Units, and I'll tell you, many ladies can never have children and carry an internal scar that is ever painful... I think your scar with two beating hearts inside is very beautiful indeed!

Andrea said...

Missy: Thanks babe. Don't know what I would do with out ya!!

Nanette: Thanks!

Roam2Rome: That was the most beautiful thing! It is just an outside scar and luckily, not the internal scar. Thanks again ladies, you really helped me out!

Michelle said...

Read my blog. You made me blog about this.

elysa said...

aww sorry I made you sad by sending you those photos. By the way the link to his photos doesn't work. Most of those pictures are with her shirt covering her belly. Your scar is just a reminder of what you've been through it represents your strength and you should be proud of that.

By the way I knew you'd love that baby room on Oprah.

Andrea said...

Elysa: NO, I love those pictures, just for some reason the last one sent me into a spiral :) All better now :) I am totally copying that baby room too!

Katelin said...

Scar or no scar you can still have beautiful maternity pictures :)

StacyRenee said...

the scar does not define who you are or what you are about. Dont let it stand in your way of pics of you with the precious gift of life in side. It's like you were given the gift of life twice and that is a beautiful thing. I didnt take pics of my belly with my son till my mom pretty much forced me and it was the day before he was born. I lost him when he was 17 months and looking back I wish I had taken all the pics i could. Just a little piece of him as he and I grew together. Enjoy who you are not what you think people want you to be.