Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coincidence... I think NOT!

Ok, so we all know yesterday was a doozie! The ups and downs, nursery planning and all sorts! However, as the day went on... it just kept getting crazier and crazier.

As you ALL know by now my dishwasher is still broken and it is *officially* driving me bonkers! I can't do any more dishes by hand, unless you want me to hurl. So the warrently company came out last Thursday, told us they had to order a part, ordered it and left. They said it takes 3-5 business days to order... BLAH!
So we wait and FINALLY yesterday the beautiful part comes via Fed EX. My hubs tries to install it himself (because the warrently company couldn't come BACK until today) and notices the whole thing is broken. Are you freaking kidding with this? Thanksgiving is NEXT week and I could possibly not have a dishwasher ? *huge gasp!* So we call them, do a little bitching and voila it will be overnighted here and get here, maybe Thursday, but probably Friday (it was late in the day when it was ordered.)
Anyhoo, as hubs and I are working upstairs there is another doorbell (probably like at 5pm) so my chihuahua goes crazy and we go downstairs. To our AMAZEMENT there is another dishwasher part sitting at our doorstep. We kind of give each other a WTF?? glare and open the box. BRAND SPANKIN NEW! OH YEAH! So we call the warrenty place... again. They should be out today... sing it with me... HALLELUAH, HALLELUAH...

So then, as you all know, I am a recruiter. I recruit RN's, so any RN's out there in the states neeeding a job, I am here for you. Send me an email and I can hook you up! I work all over the country.
Anyway, I am talking to this gal, lets call her MM (and in my business we go only by word of mouth referrals) and she says she was busy but she wanted to talk, call her back at 4pm. (Code Word, I am in front of my boss right now... call me later so I can really talk to you!) I say sure and plop it on the calendar.
Then I start talking to this other gal and she starts giving me names of people that would qualify for the job. Then she says call MM, so I think, it can't be the same MM, I am working in 5 states. So I write down her number and her company and go on with my day. 4pm rolls around and I glance at the calendar, it says call MM. I look at the company and the name of the person and I am astounded. Not only does MM want to chat, but she was highly recommended. Coincidence... I think not!!

Seriously, was it a full moon yesterday? Did anyone else have any bizarre things happen??


Valley Girl said...

It must be fate! Its a sign.

Tina Vaziri said...

How weird! And by the way, YAY! for Texas. :D I'm in Austin, and lovvvving it.

Katelin said...

It is a sign indeed! Yay for things looking up! :)

Julie Q said...

that's so funny, because we're going through the same situation with our drying!! its missing one part, we ordered it, and are awaiting its arrival. My hubs better be able to fix this because we haven't done laundry in about a week! We won't have any clothes for the holiday :) Good luck with the dishwasher!