Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Thoughts of Nothingness
Love: that I am doing this project for my mom and I get to look at old pictures
(some of my fav's are above)

Hate: that I am stressing about the Thanksgiving menu
Love: that the maid came yesterday and I have a beautiful clean house!
Hate: that my dishwasher is still broken and that the part is no where in sight
Love: that in 2 days I get to change my hair color
Hate: that the total cost is going to be outragious!
Love: that I only work until noon 5 days a week
Hate: that my hair is only half curly
Love: that it is almost a holiday where family's can get together and eat... mmm... food!


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

You are such a cute baby!

Andrea said...

Michelle: aww shucks :) thanks!

Michelle said...

And no it is not pot roast, that is toddler ravoli and carrots, corn, peas and green beans. Made you hungry, didn't I?!? MMMMMMM.

MC said...

Love the old pics!!! Thanksgiving will be fine, I'm taking a 1/2 day Wedn to help get everything ready... House looks great! Dishes need a washing :( Your hair costs a small fortune ;-) I love having you home every day!!! Can't wait for the Thanksgiving FEAST!!!

Tina Vaziri said...

I love looking at old pictures, and yours are filled with so much love and cuteness! I hate cleaning, I want a maid!

Andrea said...

Tina: Thanks! I LOVE having a maid, not to mention those hairstyles from the early 80's :) Brilliant!

Katelin said...

Aw those baby pics are precious.

And unrelated to this post, but Yay Craig David! Haha, that's overly exciting. :)

elysa said...

I was too focused on your mom's glasses to notice the 80s hair. Gotta love old pictures

Valley Girl said...

OMG is that you in the little column??????????????? You are so adorable!!!!!!!

Valley Girl said...

Edit: I meant, "costume"

Jesus, I can't spell today.

Julie Q said...

i'm making my first dish for Thanksgiving this year! (haha i'm a spaz as a cook so this is a big step!) Its a pumpkin layered cake, if all goes well I'll take a picture of it. Make sure you do the same!!

Andrea said...

Katelin: thanks! I thought those were cute! And yay for CD!!

Elysa: Seriously those glasses are PRICELESS!

VG: Yep! that would be me! Curls and all!

Andrea said...

Julie Q: Of course I will! I have to tell you, there is an awesome recipe for Pumpkin Scones on my other blog