Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Maid Me!

My mom always said, "you should pay the money to get good quality makeup, simply because you can't hide your face. You should pay good money to get your hair done, because you can't hide your hair and you shouldn't waste precious time washing toilets, just because!"

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There is my mom and me at my wedding!

My mom is probably one of the smartest women you will meet. She is brilliant and crazy at the same time! She graduated Magne Cum Laude from college, but it took her 10+ years, mostly due to me! This is why I think these statements are so funny, because most of the time she doesn't wear any makeup and she changes her hair color about as often as I do ;-) This is a woman that wakes up at 4:30 in the morning to swim with one arm, no arms or sometimes two arms, just because she can. This is also a woman that kayaks in her pool and only wants new and exciting gadgets for her Kayak for Christmas. Needless to say, she isn't your average mom, but she is my mom and she is a DAMN Smart MOM!

The reason I say this is because there are really one 3 things I spend serious money on... makeup, hair and you got it.. A MAID! Wee hee... I LOVE Maids!

My hubs and I moved into our house about a year ago and we didn't think we could afford a maid, but things have changed and money has been moved and HALLELUAH we are meeting with our maid today! I am so excited to not have to waste time cleaning floors and toilets and such! YAY for Maids!


Rachel said...

ohhhh that is a beautiful thing! i'm so jealous. haha. <3

Valley Girl said...

Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, your mom is a wise woman.

Andrea said...

Rachel: I know it. I am a lucky woman!
VG: You should be.. just kidding! I love maids, I really, really love them!

Nanette said...

Great photo! And great decision! I think we're close to getting one, too.

Andrea said...

Nanette: Thanks! I think my Momma is beautiful! And a maid is WELL worth the money!

MC said...

Just not having to deal with your complaining about my mess is worth it completely!!! lol

elysa said...

your whole picture is not showing up with your new layout.