Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Wordless Wednesday!

Random things today that I just feel I need to get off my chest. So I totally jacked this from Confessions of a Jersey Girl

- My favorite fruit is Pommegranit (besides Grapefruit) so my hubs bought one for me and I ate it yesterday. Apparently the baby wasn't as excited because I could have sworn my peanut flipped me off in the womb

- Last night I ate Homemade Chicken Soup soup for dinner. I ate so much I had to get up and pee 3 times in my sleep

- I threw up in the shower

- My outfit is too big but somehow it works

- I am really tired even though I woke up at 6:18am raring to go!

- My dog pooped on a neighbors lawn today, but my hubs was right there with a plastic bag.

- I am so hungry I am daydreaming of food!

- I want a box of Saltines in my purse at all times but I have yet to accomplish this

- I have a weird sinus headache and need to give myself a netti pot
and just in case your wondering a netti pot is a small tea pot looking thing that you fill with warm water and salt (like sea water) and you stick up your nose and poor a stream of water into it until it comes out the other side in a solid stream. It cleans your sinus' and makes you look like an idiot but feels darn good when yoru done.


MC said...

I'll get you crackers next time I go to the store!!!

Nanette said...

Did the chicken soup lead to the vomit in the shower?

Andrea said...

MC: Love you!

Nanette: Who knows. I mean it is just chicken soup? I sure hope not :)

Valley Girl said...

I hope your headache goes away. Mmm...I love chicken noodle soup.

Andrea said...

VG: Thanks, it went away as soon as I did a netti pot :) There is a great recipe for Chicken soup on my other blog. You should check it out!