Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nov 1 :) Official NaBloPoMo!

So, for all of you that don't know what NaBloPoMo is, it is National Blog Posting Month. For the entire month of Nov. you are supposed to post a blog once a day! I kind of do that already but now I am going to be dilligent!

Since it is the beginning of the month, and a new NaBloPoMo, I am thought I would give you the A,B,C's of being me. Sometimes quite complicated, other days... not really. I got this idea from Elysa at and I thought it was quite amusing!

A: Athletic. I am one of the most athletic girls you will probably meet. I played basketball (despite being only 5" tall) and football in highschool and I love anything to do with sports. Although I don't do much athletics, currently I love watching any type of sport or athlete. I just love it all!

B: Bags!! I am known for always sporting the latest and greatest in handbags. I love designer bags, I just think they spice up an outfit like nothing else!

C: Clever. Most people think I am pretty clever and there is never a dull a moment because I am never at a loss for words :)

D: December. It is one of my most favorite months, not just because of Christmas, although I do love Christmas, mostly because I get to see my family a lot this month and I get to do one of my favorite things.. SHOP~!

E: Eloquent. Since my job is to talk on the phone all day, most people I speak with say I have a very eloquent speaking voice. I tend to take their advice ;-)

F: FOOD!! Food, Food and More FOOD! I love to eat, cook and just plain be around food. All the smells, the way it brings people together and most of all the taste! With as much food as I eat I am surprised I am not bigger than I am. There is really nothing about food that I dont' love!

G: Goofy. Most of the time I am pretty goofy! If you can't laugh at yourself it is hard to see the humor in other things!

H: Happy. Overall, I am pretty darn happy. I have a great family, a wonderful husband, amazing friends and a beautiful baby on the way. Most days I just wake up and I am happy!

I: ITALIAN! I am a full blooded Italian baby! I love everything about being Italian, the culture the food, the people and of course the place! I read blogs about people that live in Italy and I have an Italian flag on my car. I just love being Italian! Forza Italia!!

J: Jaguar. My dream car is a Jag XK8 covertible. I love those cars. WOW. One day I will drive one, but probably not any time soon.. hee hee.

K: Kareoke. It used to be one of my favorite past times, but sadly I have not participated or sang at a kareoke bar in a long time!

L: Loved! I am very loved! My hubby tells me he loves me at least 10 times a day, and I always seem to get emails from my friends and family telling me how someone loves me. It makes me feel so blessed to be loved!

M: My Mistress! I am the lead singer for a wonderful band, although on hiatus, My Mistress. We had a great group of guys and just had the time of our lives. It was so much fun.

N: New York Giants! My favorite football and sports team ever. I drive a car with NY Giants license plates and I have signed pictures of Eli Manning AND Tiki Barber. I am a HUGE NY Giants fan. I know all the players and I love watching every game they play! I even wear a hat, and jersey every sunday! I am true NY Giants fan!

O: Oodles. One of my favorite words. I have oodles of stuff so I tend to use this bizarre word often?

P: Patience. Unfortunately, this word has NEVER been used to describe me. I am the most inpatient person... EVER.

Q: Quiet. Again, another word that has never been used to descibe me. Most of the time i am really loud and I think screaming is a great part of life. Don't bottle it up... just let it ou!!

R: Restless. Most of the time I am pretty restless. If I'm watching TV I am normally doing something else. I don't watch movies because I think it is a waste of 2hrs and I can't ever sit still. I get up, sit down, and continue this process until I am doing something else :)

S: Singing. It is my one true passion. I wish everyone in the world could hear my voice, but so far I have only made it on YouTube a couple of times. I really wish I could get paid to sing, but I just don't think its gonna happen :(

T: Teeth Grinding. My one really annoying habit. I have no idea why I do it, but apparently it is really loud at night... my poor hubby! I even have to wear a bit, like a horse, to keep my mouth from grinding. It is really ugly but it sure does help not wake up with a soar jaw.

U: Uteris. Since I am preggo, my uteris is growing at an extremely large rate :0 I officially have a 3 1/2 month baby bump.

V: Vegitarian. When my hubby goes out of town I tend to eat all vegitarian dishes. Why, I have no idea?? I just really like vegitables and I don't get to eat that many when my hubby is around. To say he is a picky eater would be the understatement of the year!

W: Worry. For some reason I am worrier. I worry about everything. From the cleanliness of my house, to bills and what I am wearing that day. I am a constant worrier. Something I am trying to change before the baby comes, but I don't seem to be doing a very good job at.

X: I think I am a part of Generation X, but who really knows. I mean seriously, what other word do you know that starts with X that isn't freaking Xylephone. Some goofy instrument that I certainly do not play.

Y: Yankee. Most people would call me a yankee, although I currently live in Texas. I lived up North for most of my life, so Yankee is what I am now referred to by the Southeners (AKA the losers of the civil war;-)

Z: Zodiac. I am a Gemini through and through. A friend read my chart once and said half my darn chart was Gemini. Needless to say being around me is like hanging out with an entire group of people :)


elysa said...

yay you are participating in crazy November bloggy month. That's a good one for x I had a hard time coming up with something.

Jamie said...

B - Bags!

I have a serious love for designer bags. Serious.

Valley Girl said...

You sound like a fascinating person! I am with you on bags and the Jag!!!

Roam2Rome said...

In bocca al lupo! :)

Any blog that mentions Italy makes me stop and say Ciao :) Good luck with NaBloPoMo...

Andrea said...

Roam2Rome: Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Ciao to you!