Friday, January 25, 2008

The Perfect... Friday??

The perfect outfit: Tight, low cut, straight legs jeans, blakc BCBG heels, and a black off the shoulder sweater, with rock and roll makeup.

The perfect meal: Fadi's mediterranean food. Grilled eggplant, Cauliflower, and hummus!

The perfect hangover cure: Sleep, Pizza, Sleep and Advil!

The perfect road trip: Driving from TX to NY with my BF and stopping in all kinds of crazy places!

The perfect drink: Gin and Juice baby! Tanqeray 10 and Grapefruit Juice (watch out though, b/c one of these and I am schnokered!)

The perfect song: Frank Sinatra - "All the Way!" (My wedding song) or "Summertime" from the soundtrack of Porgy and Bess

The perfect sign of affection: Placing a hand on the small or my back.

The perfect afternoon: Mid 80's, outside in my backyard pool, sipping Pinot Grigio and hanging with friends

The perfect vacation: Italy!!!

The perfect invention: DVR (Gonna have to agree with Michelle on this one!)

The perfect type of wedding: I already had it :D Fall Wedding, A Wine Vineyard as the theme, and the perfect food, dress, cake and music!

The perfect album: Micheal Jackson - Thriller (OH yeeeah!)

The perfect accent: Italian. The less english they speak the better!

The perfect date: Watching the Giants (win!) with it snowing outside and a fire in the fireplace

The perfect weather: A breezy but sunny 75 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky.

The perfect party: Black Tie with Peiper Heidzick (sp?) champagne and fabuluous gowns.

The perfect sport: FOOTBALL baby!! Preferrably the Giants!!

The perfect thing to say: "You're sexy when your naked!"

The perfect day of the week: Sunday with my family, eating all day, and napping!

Care to share what you would consider "the pefect... ?"

Thanks Michelle for the post idea!


Michelle said...

your perfect thing to say is hilarious.

perfect friday: one in which i get to leave work before my actual quittin' time!

Anonymous said... the perfect outfit!

Larissa said...

Your wedding sounds like it was bliss!

And YES, the DVR is the best thing ever invented.

Katelin said...

I love your perfect afternoon, it sounds fabulous! :)

Nanette said...

It all sounds so...PERFECT!

Julie Q said...

that is totally the perfect afternoon!! i wish i could do that today