Monday, January 21, 2008


Wow... looking at it, that title sounds like some horrendous sexually transmitted disease. Geesh! I am actually referring to Gestational Diabetes. Something I just found out I have.

Now here is the thing, the nurse calls today and says,

Nurse: You failed (the second) test pretty badly
Me: Ok, what do we do now?
Nurse: Well, I can schedule you for an apt with the NP (Nurse Practitioner)
Me: Um, ok, is there something I can do in the meantime? Like, do I need to adjust my diet, check my sugar... what?
Nurse: Yeah, you can do all those things. The NP will go over it.
Me: Ok?!?!

So here is the thing. Why on earth would you call someone up, say you have this disease (that COULD effect the child your carrying) and then not say what needs to be done??? I have to make an apt., I get that, but give me some damn feedback. I thought you were a nurse? I mean how freaking bad is it?

I was so peeved, I decided to do research on my own. It said I had to avoid refined sugar. UM, ok. I don't eat cookies, cakes or candies. I have never drank a soda in my entire life and I don't even put sugar in my one cup of coffee?? I stare at hubs at this point and say WHAT??? I thought my diet was pretty good? It says to eat more vegi's and stay away from fast food and stuff with corn syrup in it. Um... again... DUH! I don't eat that shit. Now granted, a couple times I have chowed down on some Wendys, but we're not talking super size me everyday combo kind of thing. I just don't get it? How on earth did I get stuck with this? And what can I eat or can't I eat?? Any ideas? I am so confused?

And please for the love of Pete, don't tell me to make an apt. I already have...


Larissa said...

Oh no...that's awful! I hope the NP is more helpful than Nurse #1.

And thanks for the birthday wishes - I'm feeling a LOT better, and hopefully didn't spread my germs to my husband!

Lorelei said...

Andrea - Go ahead and take a deep breath, it will all be ok! As far as I know there is no imminent danger to you or your baby just because you have GD. The concern is that the baby can grow too big if it is exposed to high blood sugars for months and months until he is born. If your diet is already good and there's nothing there that needs to be changed, it's very possible you may need insulin to keep the blood sugars in-check. Although it may take some getting used to, it helps to understand that you're doing everything you possibly can to protect your little one before he even is born.

Check out this great website for information on GD:

When my son was born he had the usual jaundice that sometimes follows GD. We took him outside into the sunshine for his first few weeks of life and it cleared up on its own. That was the only "complication" we had from it.

I'd say do a whole bunch of research and make up a huge list of questions before your appt so you will be prepared and won't have to remember everything you want to know.

We are all here for you!

Nanette said...

I don't have any advice, but I just wanted to say that I'd be confused and pissed, too, if I were you.

elysa said...

I tried to look it up and I couldn't find anything about food. Soo I hope nurse #2 can help. I think you should call and complain to someone about nurse #1 - dummy!

Rachel said...

okay so. let me start of by saying that this has to be so hard & frustrating for you!! hang in there. you & brady are going to be fineeee. (not that my saying it is anyyyy consolation and you're probably at the point of pulling your hair out... but you know.)

right, so i had a friend. and she had GD too. she told me what direction to look in to get some answers, and i think i found a few sites that might help you out a bit...,,midwife_3pw2,00.html

so i hope that helps!!! you & your fam are in my prayers girl!!! <3

Stephanie said...

Hang in there! I've known a lot of people who had GD and their babies have all been perfect and healthy. I think that nurse was extremely unhelpful in the way that she upset you even more. Hopefully the NP will be more helpful and answer your questions. You will be fine. I'm sorry for all the frustration when you should be just enjoying the remaining months of your pregnancy.