Friday, January 18, 2008

Feeling Like Poo...

Went for my test this morning and it went something like this...

8:00am - show up for test, take blood, drink nastiness(in only 5 min). Then wait!
9:20am - take blood test, then wait more.
10:20am - stomach officially growling so loud the other people waiting can hear. Take blood again
11:20 - my stomach says Halleluah! when they call my name and I jump and and take the final test.

Apparently, the effects of this test are supposed to last an hour. However, I am still feeling ill and I don't know what will make me feel better :( Actually, I take that back... my IBFF Rachel is sending me some NY bagels (well actually NJ - but I bet there good too!) You have no idea how much a good bagel is appreciated. Especially since last weekend's disaster of the jalepeno one ... BLUGH!

As for my hair... it looks FABULOUS! I don't have a cute pic of it yet, but I will post ASAP!

Tonight it looks like hubs and I are going to rent a movie and schnuggle on the couch. I think a warm bath, some good chinese and sleeping is in my near future :) Hope you all have a fab weekend.



Katelin said...

Happy weekend!

Clueless Cat said...

oOOo can't wait to see the new hair! :) Have a great wknd!

Rachel said...

awww, happy weekend!!! i'm sorry you had to go through that long ass day with all those tests and no food!!! i can't wait to see your hair, get those pictures up woman!!! :o) hope you enjoyed your night of relaxing with hubby!!!