Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An Almost Wordless Wednesday

The only question that was asked, by the darling Katelin, is what is the weirdest pregnancy craving I have had?

Well, to be honest, I haven't had that many cravings. I think the only craving I have had are french fries and/or potato chips. Any type of potato fried and salty, I'm there!!

P.S. The picture above is my cat, Bammer, meowing at me not to go out for the day.

Have a fab Wed!


Katelin said...

I always crave french fries when I that odd? Haha.

Kelli said...

Here's a question for you: have you had a dreadful cold when pregnant? If so, how do you get rid of it/make yourself feel better? :(

Anonymous said...

I wanted to email these times to you but you don't have an email on your site.

The Real Housewives of NYC premier times
1/25 (Friday) - 11:00am, 4:30pm
1/26 (Saturday) - 3:30pm
1/27 (Sunday) - 12:00pm 5:30pm
1/29 (Tuesday)- 8:00am, 2:30pm

Andrea said...

Kelli: Actually, yes I have. I have just been suffering throug it. One blow at a time :)