Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today I have a hair apt. Since recieving my crappy news yesterday, I thought I needed a little pick me up. A new hair style/color is right up my alley! I love changing looks. So... here is the thing. I think I want blonde highlights (you know nothing too drastic) but a little perk of color. I can't decide, however, if I want to go dark brown and then do highlights or just leave the redish color that is already in my hair?!?

Oh the decisions :)

Plus, in less than a month, I am taking out my extensions. Although they were fun while they lasted, my opionion is don't spend the money. They are a lot of work to make your hair look cute and they cost a lot of money! It was fun, and I can't say don't ever try it, it just wasn't what I was expecting. I am good with my natural curls!

Tomorrow I have my glucose screening test and I have to fast tonight (which is the WORST) for an almost 7 mnth preggo gal! So I will write after I get back fromt hat. There may even be a pic or two of the new hair... we'll see?


Rachel said...

okay, personal recommendation here on the color. i had (have) my hair dark brown, and when i used to highlight it, i would get chunky blonde highlights (nothing toooo extreme), but then i would get bright red highlights just scattered about. since my hair was dark, you really only saw the red when it hit the light just right, but it was absolutely awesome, and my favoriteeee so far.

that way, you'll have the brown, you'll have the red and you'll have the highlights. :o)

not to mention... you'll be one hot mama!!! (as if you need improvement! ha!)


Tina Vaziri said...

So sorry about your bad news, but I hope your new sexy hair will be a good pick-me-up. I'm sending you extra hugs!

Michelle said...

i say go with the dark brown! :)

Rachel said...

i hope you had a good beauty day!!! no morning post yet today, i hope you're doing alright!


ps. you're package is going out in an hour or so... be excited! <3