Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random Why's?

Why is it that when you marry someone, you seem to marry everyone??
You know, like in a movie, you can't just watch the main characters, there are always "extras" in a scene that you need to watch?

As if marriage weren't hard enough, sometime these "extras" feel the need to pop in and say hello, as if we had forgotten about them?

Sometimes it makes me crazy, and I wish all the "extras" could work on their own relationships as opposed to giving their opinion on yours!

Maybe I would be better off in an idie film, where there were only main characters, (b/c the budget was too small), that way I could really focus on what is important.

Why is it my plant will not grow :( I have an ivy, and I broke a piece off, so I could have another ivy, but apparently this ivy doesn't really like the break away/water thingy. It doesn't want to grow, and that saddens me.

Why is it that when taking prenatals, some fingernails grow and other don't. I have 2 nails that break consistantly, while the others make me look like I am going for some Guiness book of world records?

Any werid Why's you have today??


pink jellybaby said...

why am i tired, even thought i went to bed at 9.30 last night?

Julie Q said...

haha my "extra" liked to call me every single day before our wedding to give her two cents about everything from the flowers to the types of ribbon i'd be using for the programs.. :)

Anonymous said...

Why does my office have the air conditioning on full blast even though it's January and it's freezing outside?

Jenn said...

Why the hell is my chicken caesar pita taking so long??!! ahrgh!

Andrea said...

Pink Jelly: don't you hate that.

Martini: Ok, you live in AZ. How cold could it be ;-)

Jenn: Maybe the waiter sucks?

A Mental Fracture said...

doesn't relate to me, but i have a good 'why?' that i'm sure you can relate to ...

why do people think it's ok to touch a woman's stomach when they realize she's pregnant?

and then one that does relate to me ...

why does the woman who sits in the cubicle in front of me hack all day long and then lean over my half-wall to ask if i want to go out for a cigarette? so i can watch her collapse in front of me? i'll pass.