Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, my first pregnant New Years went off without a hitch! Last night we had my family (Nona, Mom, Daddy, and baby Bro) over for a little dinner, naps, and watching the ball drop over NY. It was so fun. I have to say, I was not feeling very well, but when myt Daddy and fam are over, it makes everything better.

My dad and I are like the same person. We love to eat, cook and just be goofy. He was so sweet and bought me this cookie cook book for Christmas, (because he reads my food blog) and we found this recipe for an Italian Knot pastery.

I was trying to be creative, and I thought it would give the pastry more texture if I used whole wheat flour. Yeah... NOT the case! they came out pretty gross, but it was fun (as usual) cooking with my daddy!
Totally off the subject but.... have you ever worried so much about a person, you can't stand it??
I worry so much about my dad sometimes. He is a "high powered" sales guy, and he is the main bread winner of our family. The issue is, I know this job is high stress and I know it is a lot of work, but I feel like he just takes all the stress on himself and doesn't let anyone know about it. I don't know what to say? I just want to tell him I love him. I worry so much about him b/c there is nothing I can do, but also b/c heart problems run in his family, and i just don't want him taking on all this stress. If anyone who reads this, has any advice, I would love it!

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Lorelei said...

I am surprised you didn't get any advice yet. I worry about my father too. All we can do is love them and show that love to them the best we can! We can't control everything, unfortunately. Just keep loving him like you already do. It will be more than enough for him.