Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Best Gift Ever!!

Family and Friends!!
(That is my Uncle Cheech kissing my cheek!)

Yesterday was such a beautiful shower!! I almost want to cry thinking about how much love was in one room, at one time.

Recap: On Thursday morning when we left, I was hit with a bomb. My daddy was unable to come. I posted about it earlier, but I knew when my dad could not tell me the date and time of his flight, something was up. I have to be honest, I have not cried that hard in a long, long time. Not to mention the entire point of the shower was to be with family that we hardly get to see.

Friday I had gotten over it (kind of) and we headed out to finalize the menu, and have dinner with my Uncle R (my grandfather's brother.) That night was so much fun! I cannot even begin to tell you. If you have ever seen a movie where the Italian grandmother just keeps bringing out food and keeps making you drink wine and eat... that is what it was like! His wife cooked up this amazing meal of antipasta, broccoli raab and lots of Vino and Black Sambucca. (Of course I could not partake in the drunkenness of my mother and hubs.) Then (as only occurs in NY) his daughter came over with her 2 kids, then his sister and her daughter. We just sat there talking, eating and laughing. It was truly bilssfull!

Saturday we got dressed and got ready for the big shower. I was so excited, I barely slept the night before. We got It's a boy balloons blown up and got our favours ready. Ooh! It was so much fun! I can only describe it with pictures!
*Unfortunately I am at my Nona's and I can't upload the pics. I will do it when I get back, probably Tues :)


Lorelei said...

I'm glad you're having a great time!

Nanette said...

Sorry your dad couldn't be there. :(

But I'm glad you had a smashing time otherwise!

Tina Vaziri said...

Glad you had a great time! Family love is the bestest!

Julie Q said...

Can't wait to see pics!!

Katelin said...

glad you had a great party!