Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bring on the Cold!!

Sorry, just found these pic's from the days of My Mistress and they made me wish I had my pre-preggo body :D
So today is the day folks!! The G-Men take on the Packs! Right now is it is -13 degrees and it should get colder as the day progresses. I am headed to a brunch, but I just wanted to thank my IBFF, Rachel, for the AMAZING onion bagels that showed up at my door this morning! Aww yeeah! A Giants game with amazing NY bagels. I don't think this day could get any cooler :D
Ciao for Now!



Rachel said...

daaaaamn hottie!! those pictures are amazing!! :o) you might be wishig for your pre preggo bod, but just think of how awesome your life is going to be once baby brady is here!!!! :o)


ps. glad you liked em! i told ya jersey could hang with NY!! <33

Jenn said...

I have some nosy questions that I can't seem to find the answer to on your blog!

1). When are you due?
2). One baby, or two (rhyme intended!)
3). Boy or girl
4.) names?

Andrea said...

Jenn: Answers to your questions
1. April 23rd ish
2. One baby :)
3. A Boy
4. Brady Matthew :)