Sunday, January 27, 2008

14 Years Ago...

My life changed forever!! I remember it like it was yesterday!

I walked into the kitchen, where my mom and dad were having a casual Sat. lunch, and there on the refridgerator was a very small black and white picture. I stared at it for a minute, opened the fridge, only to shut the door again, and have it stare back at me. The smallest picture, the smallest person, what the hell was that doing on our fridge???

"UM.... MOM.... DAD.... is there something you need to tell me?!?!"
"Well, yes" said my mom. "We didn't know when to tell you... but.... we're having a baby!" She squealed happily!
"I'm sorry... WHAT???? Your WHAT?? You two are like 80! And you have sex! Oh... MY...GOD! My friends are going to freak! What the hell did you do that for?!?"
"Well, dear, we have been trying for a while, and now is the time," she said!
"You've been trying... like having sex... OH MY GOD, you freakin weirdo's, why did you tell me that? Is this some weird teenaged method of birth control, I mean really people, I am only 13! Do you actually think I am having sex?? UGh! Plus you've been married for like 15 years, I thought the sex stopped after 2? OH MY GOD! I am never goin to forgive you two!

As I stormed out of the kitchen I saw the expresion on her face. She was in pure disbelief. She thought I would be happy. I could just tell by her eyes.

I'll never forget calling my BF and telling her the news.
"Dude, your parents are having sex... Ewwww!"
"Yeah, thanks for the support A-hole! What the hell am I going to do with a baby? I mean, I have been an only child for 13 years, and now here they go, screwing that up!!"
"Ah...what's the worst that could happen?"

7 Months later, I was sitting in a hospital room waiting for my baby bro to be born. I wasn't sure what to do, read?, pace?, sleep?. At the age of 14 your really not sure what to do with yourself, let alone a little one. 12 hours in, my dad comes running out of the room...
"He's here!!!!"

As I walk back into the room, I see my mom delivering this squishyist, nastiest piece of who knows what? I turn to my father, in disbelief, and say... "IS.... THAT.... HIM???"

"No" the doctor says, "this is the placenta!"
"Oh for crying out loud!! Will someone please show me my brother, and will someone get my mom some chinese food. That is all she keeps talking about."

As I turn around, there he is. This little, slimey, baby. Crying his lungs out and staring right at me.

"Do you want to hold him?" My dad says.
"Um... no! I don't think so... what if I drop him?"
"You won't drop him honey, you'll be fine. Here... I will show you."

Daddy put the little guy in my arms and he silenced for a moment. I just remember sitting there holding this little human. My first and only sibling. What was it going to be like with him around? I remember thinking. What would he be like? He sure looked like mom. Blonde hair, pale skin, blue eyes. He didn't even look Italian. Then, the weirdest sensation. I loved him like a child, not really like a brother, but I loved him like a brother, not really like my child.

So folks, I sit here today. 7 Months pregnant and my baby bro turning 13. What a weird moment in time. Such an incredible turn of events! How amazing the circle of life reallly is!

I love you baby bro. More like a child, but always like a brother!!!





Julie Q said...

awww what a cute post!! I'm the youngest but I always wondered what it'd be like to be an older sister..

Lorelei said...

When I was 13 I *asked* for my little sister. What was I thinking????

Clueless Cat said...

Aw, I love the last picture! Your brother was so adorable!! :)

Great post, too! :D

Rachel said...

those pictures were adorable! look at you! :o) such a sweet post! xo

Anonymous said...

Great story.....aww-inducing.

And this line cracked me up: "Will someone please show me my brother, and will someone get my mom some chinese food."

Larissa said...

Cute cute cute! Your reactions to your mom are priceless.

Damsel in DIgress said...

what an adorable post! my baby sister who is a whole eight years younger than me just had her birthday last thursday so there was a lot of emotions i could relate to reading this!!

Katelin said...

What a cute post! I'm thirteen years older than my youngest bro and I definitely felt a little awkward when my parents told me, haha.

But your post is precious and so cute. :)

elysa said...

I think you forgot some of the foot stopping, eye rolling and uuughhing that took part in the conversation about "we are having a baby." haha

drew looks so cute in the bottom one, now he's all grow'd up

thanks for making me feel old!

Ashlie said...

When I was 11 my parents decided to go and have twins. I really do feel like their 3rd parent. Its a cool, but odd relationship.

Congrats! Can't believe you are almost there!