Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Oh my gosh. I am so. sick. of. being. sick!

Over the past 2 years I have had some bizarre issues. Some very easily fixed, and others, not so much. See, last year, when I was in the hospital, they discharged me with no diagnosis. Awesome! Then, when I had B, I had that little scare of bleeding out.

It seems I am always the crappy 1% of people that get stuck with weird illnesses, or weird happeneings. Why can't I just be normal? You know... like when the doc says "well, that only happens to .5% of people, so I wouldn't worry about it." And then you DON'T worry, because who is that crazy .5% anyway. Yeah thanks, table for one!

So yesterday, I head to the GI, and he tells me some crappy news. I think I need a stomach transplant... do they do those? How much pain would I be in? Could you nip and tuck this 8 lbs while your at it? Geesh!

One time I just want to go to the doctor and them tell me, "Nope, your perfect, nothing wrong here. Go on your way now."


Not to mention today is B's 2 month checkup. I am really excited for the doctor to tell me Mr Man is the most beautiful baby she has ever seen and that he is a genius (wink, wink), but I am not so thrilled because he gets his first shots. I am so terrified of seeing him in pain! I couldn't even stand it when they pricked his foot. I was crying with him. EEK!

Luckily hubs will be attending this appointment with me, so I may get to leave the room. Oh my gosh, I am so scared. I know it will be fine, but let me tell you, when you hear your child scream in pain, it is more painful for you. Or at least for me.


Michelle said...

Take infant's tylenol with you so that you can give it to him right before the shots. Tell them you are going to do that and after the weigh him they should tell you what dose he can have. Good luck, it is really hard on your heart to see them turn bright red, but it is necessary....XOXO

Sarah said...

oh no! Wait are you serious about the stomach transplant-I have never heard about those....oh man! If your past health issues have showed you anything it is that you are a tough woman, and can make it through whatever life throws at you.

Kristen said...

i'm so sorry -- that doesn't sound like a good time at all. do they really do stomach transplants?

Lindsay said...

Oh goodness, stomach transplant, I have never heard of that. I'm so sorry that you have had such bad news with your health. I pray that they can get to the root of it, and fix the base of the probs!!!
On another note...it is sad to watch them get their shots but .03 of the infants tylenol will have B asleep before you make it to the car after the visit. Every baby is different but Averee just slept alot that day. Good luck with everything my dear. We will have the GNO when you get back from vaca!!!