Thursday, June 5, 2008

7 weeks and a dream!

7 weeks and sleeping...
Smiling all the time now!

Yesterday at lunch. (He looks thrilled!)

First time in the pool ;-)

Well folks, today, Mr Man is 7 weeks old! I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday that I was lying in the hospital, puffy and in pain, staring into the eyes of my new baby boy. Now... we are happily in a routine and exploring new things everyday. I know... every mom says that... and before (when I wasn't a mom) I was so sick of hearing how time flies. But seriously, I guess when you have a kid, remembering the day of the week or the day of the month is a thing of the past.

Also, last night, I had my first dream in what seems like 7 weeks. It could be b/c hubs and I have started this routine where I get to sleep for 4-5 hours straight or maybe my mind is just reeling... I don't know.
What is weird, is that when I dream, I seem to only dream of football stars. When I was pregnant, I dreamed Eli Manning came into some restaurant I was waiting tables for and (yes I was pregnant in this dream) and he was hitting on me. I thought this was extremely weird because A. I was pregnant, and B. Um... I have never met Eli Manning, let alone don't think he would hit on a pregnant woman who was serving him drinks?

Then the next morning I woke up and Eli was in the newspaper and it said he got married to his college sweetheart? Even more random!
Then last night I had a dream I was at dinner and we bumped into Tony Romo. Yes my dad does play golf at the same country club, but I have never met him. Then, for some reason he gave me a ride home? Ok... apparently in my dreams I think very highly of myself?

Now this morning, I log into my email and it seems US Weekly is reporting the reason for him semi-splitting with Jessica Simpson is b/c her dad is phsycho and is putting too much pressure to become his agent... or something.
Maybe I should work for a newspaper, b/c obviously I have ESP of what is going on in future articles???

Have you guys had any weird dreams lately? Tell me I am not crazy. Or maybe I just really like football?


kristen said...

He looks more like you everyday! too cute!

Kelli said...

Weird dreams are a nightly experience for me lately! (I'm sure you remember that from being preggo). I have crazy dreams, vivid- the other day I could SMELL in my dream- never had that happen before, weirdin me out!

Katelin said...

i think maybe you're just a football fan :)

and seriously brady is so adorable.

Andrea said...

Aw your baby boy is BEAUTIFUL! <3

My mom had a dream once about some baseball player. . . she had never heard of the man before in her life, and then a few days later he was in the news for something. Not sure who it was, but it has been years and years ago, lol.

Ashley said...

If he is not the most beautiful baby boy ever, I don't know who is. SO precious.

I used to have really weird dreams with celebrities too. Altho i didn't have a thing for football players....

Larissa said...

He is super cute. And his expressions are hilarious!

Lynsey said...

Ahhh you're little guys a cutie!

Pink ditz said...

Haha That's weird, but funny. I have crazy cryptic dreams a lot too.
Maybe your son is going to grow up and be a big american footbal player? I mean it could be a sign?!

He's soo adorable by the way