Monday, June 2, 2008

8 lbs people!

Some fun things...

First off, I went to the doc today and I am 8lbs away from pre-baby weight. I know what you're thinkng... you hate me! And really, feel free at this moment. After all the shitty health news I have had in the past year, I think I am well overdue for a good clean bill of health. Not to mention 8lbs away from Bikini ready. Yipeee! I am hoping to lose 2lbs per week for the next 4 weeks, and then I should be right back where I started. I know you burn calories while breastfeeding but this freaking rocks!

Secondly, Mr Man is getting cuter by the day (and looks even MORE like Daddy!) I just look at those blue eyes and it makes me melt. Not to mention his rock and roll hairstyle and his popped collar. UGH! Cute!

Some new things he is doing:

~He arches his back and pushes his butt in the air when I take him from the carseat.

~He oohs and aaahs when he sees Mommy's face

~(and the cutest) he smiles when I say good morning or sing a song

And the last thing... I just have to share this story with you, because if you don't think Karma is real (or should I say CARma) you need to read this!

While hubs and I were on our mini vaca, we went to this very crowded restaurant. So while scowering the parking lot for a space, I see out of the corner of my eye, a tall red headed man (on his cell) walking to his car. I stare him down and watch his feet and realize his car is right in front of me. Naturally, I put on my blinker and wait for this young man to pull out so I can grab the space. Then, out of nowhere, this stupid BMW X5 decides SHE is going to take the spot. She was one car length IN FRONT of me and decides the is going to back up and make me move so SHE can take the spot. As the hot tempered Italian that I am, I didn't want to back up, but quickly realized I have a petite baby boy in the back and I am not willing to get into an accident with this yahoo over a parking spot. So, I pull around her, screaming nasty words out the window. Then, I see 2 little old women, going to car right in FRONT of the restaurant. I flip around and grab the spot.

So after getting Mr Man out of the car and all the gear (I swear packing a diaper bag is like packing your house) we proceed inside. We are on the wait list and we head outside. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see the BMW X5 rounding the corner again. I wonder what is going on... when I see the young red headed man just needed something out of his car. Hee hee! Stupid lady! You should have been kind and let me get it and then you would have gotten the front spot.. but no... you had to be a wench and try and take the spot. Karma's a bitch sometimes :D


Anonymous said...

yay karma! lol :D

Kelli said...

What a handsome dude! I love babies with pacifiers, they look so cuddly!

Sarah said...

karma is a biotch and so is that lady!