Saturday, June 28, 2008

Days 3, 4 and 5

Actually, I have no idea what day it is... but itsn't that what vacations are all about??

Day 3: We woke up, ate breakfast at this little gem, we should just call the Lard O Factory! Seriously, have you seen my cousin Vinny, where they go in that restaurant and they have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then they order breakfast, and the man puts 18 lbs of lard on the grill. Yeah... needless to say, these 8 lbs may be with me for a while. You gotta love the south!

Then we all headed home to take a nap, read a book, and listen to the rain. During the ran storm, however, the power went off, and we were left to sit there and talk. It was nice to just sit in the dark, have the windows open and hear the rain poor down outside.

Day 4: We sat around in the morning watching Wimbeldon and really did nothing all day. Hubs was meeting up with us that day, so B and I pretty much sat around watching the clock. Until about noon when we noticed it was getting pretty hot in the house. Granddad came in and realized the AC wasn't coming on. He headed up the ladder, only for Hubs, an Uncle and Granddad to come back with the conclusion the AC was caput! Considering it was hot as hell outside, we made the decision to stay in a hotel.

We booked the hotel, packed a night's clothes and headed to dinner. We ate some brilliant BBQ and laughed it up with the waitress.

Day 5: We kissed Granddad goodbye (it was his 79th birthday) and we hit the road to head to the beach. 3 hours later we were sitting in our condo, staring at the waves.

Currently, we're soaking in the sun and riding the waves.

We took B out in the sun breifly, but he realized he didn't like wearing a hat or sunglasses, so I had to bring him back up to the condo. I haven't taken any pictures yet (yes I am a bad mother) but I plan to this evening when I take him to the water, closer to when the sun goes down!

I will be sure to post pics ASAP!

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Sarah said...

Oh I can't wait to see those pictures! Glad you guys are having such a great time!