Friday, June 20, 2008

Some Random Thoughts...

Already a ladies man!

A: I am not having a stomach transplant. Apparently my humor did not come across in words. I was attempting to make a joke and ask if they did that, b/c truthfully I think it would solve all my problems. My bad :D

B: I seriously just saw an ad that said, Food costs are soaring, eat less and save money, get lap band procedure. Um... I understand obesity is an epidemic, but REALLY... is that really a good reason you would go under the knife and have your stomach sliced to the size of a grape. Um... I think not! K thx!

C: What is up with So You Think You Can Dance?? Why do they keep kicking off the entire couple? Stupid. We want to see some new couples. However, I am glad, Miss I am a teacher but I have pink hair and I wear slutty clothing however I am really smart and I want to teach your students, got kicked off. Geesh!

D: Still stressed about the trip. I can't sleep at night b/c I keep going over how much crap I have to take to the beach. Now, I found out, my dad probably won't be able to go, which totally devistates me. Of all the people that need a damn vacation it is my father! I mean, first NY, now this! UGH I am so pissed at his company.

E: I am totally excited to leave for 2 weeks and head to the beach, and see all the fam. Not to mention we got our GORGEOUS pictures of Mr Man and I can't wait to frame them all and hang them around my house. I swear, by the time he is 1, we might have a shrine :D He is just so damn cute!

And Finally... Mr Man has started "talking" to us! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I ask him where he wants to go, and he'll sit there and stare at me and Goo and Oooh and tell me all these things. I have tried getting it on camera, just so you all can see, but I have been unable as of yet. However, it will come my dear freaders, it will come!

Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend. Don't know how much I will be writing during my vaca, but check back occasionaly. There should be some adorable beach pictures!

Ciao, Ciao!!


Katelin said...

haha, what a cute pic.

and yay for beach vacations, hope it all works out :)

Sarah said...

yay for baby's first beach trip and boo for me not being able to pick up on written sarcasm (seriously a stomach transplant? I am so gullible)

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation!!

Nanette said...

I'm glad they got rid of slutty teacher, too!

Have a great vacation!