Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 1 & 2

Day 1: It was 4:30 am when my eyes blinked to an open. I was exhausted but fluttering with anticipation. Did I pack everything? What am I forgetting? Does the cat have food? Where is the dog? What is B doing? I was abuzz with all the lists of things running through my head.
I fed B, hopped in the shower and we were off. The car was packed, the music jamming and I was headed to the rents. A quick stop at Starbucks (damn you soy mocha no whip!) and a short drive and I was there.

The lights were already on when I entered the door. Dad was at the table with his laptop, a cup of coffee, and Mocha and Dexter (his dog cousin) were licking each other to get reaquainted. Baby bro was relaxing on the couch and Mom was finishing her packing.

We were all excited to get on the road. I fed B, left him with Baby Bro, headed to drop off the dog, and by the time I got back Mom was back with the rental car.

Unfortunately, the look on her face said it all.

"This is not going to work" she said.
"What do you mean mom?" I asked, puzzled.
"Well... come see for yourself."

As I walked outside, I noticed what she was talking about. Congratulations! You have rented a 7 passenger car. Now, the only thing you are allowed to bring is one shirt! The stupid "family van" we rented had about 1 feet of trunk space, and was not even going to fit the pack and play, let alone all the rest of our stuff!

So, we called around, and finally found a new car. However, with driving to pick up the new car, unloading all the gear, dropping off the old car, and re-loading all the gear, we were 4 hours behind where we wanted to be. Damn you "family van!"

It was about 12 noon and I was finally behind the drivers seat, ready for the road trip.

It started off innocently enough, laughing about jelly bean flavors and combinations, B sleeping like an angel, in the back. However, after about 6 hours, the lot of us were exhausted and wanting to reach out hotel with desperation.

Finally around 10 pm we walked into the chilled hotel room and all passed out.

Day 2: Again, around 4:30 am we awoke to hit the road. This time we were ready and out the door in less than an hour. B was fed, we gassed up, and the driving commenced. A couple of drive through's later, we were SO ready to be there. B was getting antzy and I think my ass had fallen alseep. Not to mention, if I had to hear one more country song (my baby bro is a fan) I think I may have just bought myself a dog, a trailer and an ex wife!
Finally at 4 pm we pulled on the street. As I sat in the backseat, staring into the eyes of my son, I reminissed about this street. I remember riding my bike up and down, feeding the horses watermelon, and wanting to climb those drooping trees. Oh those trees. How they remind me of my granddad's! He would take me on the riding lawn mower, he would let me ride horses and he told me, everytime I visited, if I stayed here with him, he would buy me a pony of my own.
As I got B out of the carseat, I realized, I should never take these moments for granted. Yeah, spending 19 hours in a car, with my baby bro and mom, isn't the most fun, but it will be a memory I will never forget. Baby bro trying to calm B as his pacifier slips from his mouth. Mom, burping him after a nursing. And me, simply chatting with my mom and baby bro, over coffee.
As of now, I am sitting on a dial up computer in my granddad's office/second bedroom. When I was little, I never slept in this room. It always had the double bed, and I was always only one, so I slept in the other room with the twin bed. But now, a wife and mother, I have been granted the queen bed. So privelged :)
Tonight, I believe we will have company and B will meet more of the fam. Only to meet up with hubs tomorrow, eat some BBQ, and hit the road again Friday. (At least at the hotel there has free internet!) I will be sure to post pics and I would ask that you keep us in our prayers as we drive.
More to come! Ciao, Ciao!


Anonymous said...

Have a fun rest of your trip!!

Kelli said...

Yay for vacations! Enjoy your time my dear!