Monday, June 9, 2008

Slightly Flustered!

I feel like there is so much to do before our family beach vacation! Yes, the rents, myself, B, hubs and the baby bro are all headed to a beach gettaway in 2 weeks. The scary part being that I have to pack for a 14 day getaway for my little man, not to mention myself.

Oh and did I tell you... my mom, baby bro and B are all driving... for 19 hours?? Oh and I have to breastfeed every 2 hours. Guess I will be hiding baby bro's eyes and I will be pumping so B can stay in his carseat. This... could get interesting folks!

I also feel like so much has to get done around the house before we go. We have a chihuaha to care for, a cat to be watered, and not to mention a pool that needs filling.

Gosh... I am just tired thinking about it! I know things will all work themselves out, I just hope no detail goes unnoticed.

I really shouldn't be complaining... I mean, I am going to the beach for gosh sake, but it is just a bit overwhelming.

Have you freaders got any fun vacations planned in the near future? If not... where would you go, if money was no option?


Kristen said...

we'll be heading to mackinac island for a few days next week. :)

thanks for the shoe tip -- but i need something that's not a flipflop -- i think that's half my problem.

have fun at the beach!

Marium said...

hello...have fun and also i wanted to say your baby is really CUTE! bless! XxxX

Sarah said...

oh my goodness, I would be overwhelmed too. But like yousaid, everything ends up working out. And the final destination is the beach so whoo hoo! Jon and I are going to ARizona and Seattle for some weddings and that is really the extent of it

Katelin said...

oh man you have every reason to be a bit overwhelmed. sounds like traveling with my family, haha.

and my fun vacation is to northern california with my whole family, i can't wait.