Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Woke up this morning...

Rested and relaxed.

Normally, I wake up and I am exhausted and rushed, but for some reason, this morning, it is the opposite. Yesterday I did clean my house and I do whole heartedly believe in Feng Shui, so maybe that is it?

Maybe B and I are finally in a routine? I don't know. It just seems like it is a good day, and that my friends, makes me happy!

Not to mention, I watched the VMA's (yes I am a 7th grader at heart) and I saw Johnny Depp. Um... yeah... Need I say more. Did you see him? Holy mother... that man is God's gift to women. Not to mention he lives in the South of France and takes his daughter and son to school on his vespa and then stops by the market everyday. UGH! I envy that life!

I still, truly wish, Hubs, B and I could move to Tuscany or Rome and just say, screw you current life, we want to celebrate PLEASURE! But, realistically, I know that won't happen. Especially now with B. It is WAY to convenient to have awesome friends and parents near by to watch B on a drop of hat.

Maybe one day... we can always dream!

So freaders... if you could up and move, and leave all your stuff, where would YOU go?


Lacey Bean said...

Israel. After my trip in March I would love to pack up and move there.

Or Austrailia. That would be awesome.

Glad to hear you're feeling rested today!!

Sarah said...

It's so funny that you asked that because I watched Roman Holiday last night and just sighed because that would be the life for me. That or the french riviera. Thanks for the relaxing visuals!

Katelin said...

i think if i ever just up and went one day i'd head to italy somewhere or some tropical island in the bahamas. it would be amazing.

Michelle & the City said...

Ireland! i have dreams of travelling there someday.