Friday, June 13, 2008

Hectic with a 4 hour break...

Mr Man in his swimsuit... ready for some action!

So this week has been cr-aaazy!

Tuesday was my sister-in-law's birthday, not to mention 6 years with my hubby. Hubs was not around, so I headed to the town center for some fab food and shopping with the in-laws!

Then Wednesday we got some profesional photo's of Mr Man, and can I just say, he is freaking adorable (if I do say so myself!) This place, Portrait Innovations, did a great job getting him to smile! PLUS... they print your pics in 20 minutes and they have amazing prices! I am so glad my mother-in-law decided to take a trip out there! It was WELL worth it!

Thursday I met with my sister-in-law and her cousin to see SEX AND THE CITY BABY! It really was awesome! When the other bloggers mentioned you would cry and laugh hysterically, I couldn't see how you could have that range of emotion but... it was true. All of it! I actually stole a tissue from my SOL during one part! Here is the thing though, if you have seen the movie, tell me what is up with this. I understand Labels are a huge part of SATC, however, did they have to make it SO blatent? I mean... can we say product placement?!? Was it meant to be blatent because of what is said at the end... or was it just a huge promotion for every fashion label?? Not to mention, it was first time away from B for an extended period, and I think I did OK? I was really nervous and kept checking my phone, but I did try and relax by having a beer. I know it will get better, but this time was hard for this new mom!

And lastly today, my BF's and their babies came over for a little running around, some pool time and some damn good spinach dip! (Great recipe for the pool!) We had a blast, although I am exhausted!

As for Mr Man, he is becoming more and more aware of faces and things around him. I swear he swats at stuff in front of him, and he just LOVES music. He especially likes when Momma sings while changing his diaper. He is such a happy baby and it is a joy each day I get to spend with him.

Just thought I would give you a re-cap. Hope you all have a fab weekend!


Rachel said...

he's getting so big! look at that belly! ahhh, i love babies. glad you had a good few days! xoxo

lindsay said...

Whoo-hoo what a week...relaxation time!! Had fun today, thanks for having us!=)