Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Wine Festival with a little Ike!

The band boys!

The newly engaged couple with hubs


Hubs aka the hottie!

Yesterday, we headed to the local wine festival with some old friends (who are newly engaged) and drank some beer (strange, I know, considering we were at a wine festival) and partied the night away. It was fabulous seeing the band mates again and partying with their gals!

Last night was also the first night B slept at Grammie and Grandpa's. I was hesitant but hubs assured me he would be in good hands, and when we arrived this morning, he was happy as he could be. He apparently slept well, ate well, and was an all around good baby. Go B! Thanks Grammie and Grandpa for letting us get a night out on the town!

The only unfortunate thing that happened that evening is the newly engaged couple was up from Galveston. They have a house down there and they drove up for a little vaca. The problem being that they didn't know Ike was about to hit them, so they boarded no windows, didn't take all their cars and had to leave their stuff.

We are not sure of the damage, but we are praying everything will be ok. I would ask you to keep them in their prayers that all their stuff was not lost in the flood!


Larissa said...

It's so awful to hear about all the people affected by Ike. Hope your loved ones' don't get hit too hard!

Katelin said...

at least you guys were able to have fun at the wine festival. but i hope all your friends and family are okay from the hurricane.

Julie Q said...

can I just say how AWESOME you look? What baby?! :)