Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pity Party, table of 1 please.

I am hesitant to write this post, but I really just need to get it out of my head so I can stop worrying. PLEASE don't worry for me, I am sure I will be fine (or at least I need all of you to think that - positive thought please!) but for the past month or so my health has been declining.

Declining may be the wrong word, but I feel like my body is throwing red flags my way that I should pay attention to. I want to make this clear, I have no idea what is wrong, and I could just be freaking out for no reason, but I just feel like my body is giving me signs something is wrong.

For the past month I have had... neurological symptoms (just leave it at that), and today I called my old RN and she said I had to see a neurologist STAT (I feel like I could be on ER with that last sentance). Anywho... I am waiting to get into the doctor so they can tell me I am completely whacked out of my mind healthy and that all is well.

I am a little scared, only because of what happened last time, but I am praying it is a fluke and I have something stupid like Anemia! Pray for Anemia people! Anyway, I would ask all of you to pray that my health is peachy keen!

Phew I feel better, ok not really, but I am trying to keep a positive outlook.


Kelli said...

Prayers are being sent up ! I hope you can get into the doctor sooner than later... take care of yourself dear!

Hot Mamma said...

Oh man, scary! The prayers are coming! I think we always prepare ourselves for the worst, it is in our nature and us as women do that most :) (Trust me, lately I've really really seen this! Ha!)

K so you took the first step to see what is wrong. Keep in mind that you just had a baby too and your body/mind could be totally out of whack. Keep us posted on how everything goes and I'll keep you in my prayers.


Sarah said...

I am sending you such positive thoughts! I hope everything turns out to be just fine!

Nanette said...

Sending lots of healthy vibes your way, my dear!

d.a.r. said...

Prayers your way!! Take care of yourself!