Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Power of Prayer, or a blog for that matter!

Some weird things...

1. The moment I posted the FTD post, I was contacted by customer service and they refunded my money. I guess they have people reading blogs about thier company and any negative posts they contact you. Bizarre, but awesome!

2. They may have found out why I am having my neurological issues. Maybe? They always think they know and it always turns out not to be it. I am hoping they have found what it is (it does fit all my symptoms) and if it is this diagnosis it is easily fixed. Yippeee!

Has the power of a blog or prayer helped you in any way lately?


Hot Mamma said...

Wow, that's a really good day right there. I hope they have fixed you.

The power of prayer has completely helped me lately with all my boy issues last week. But man, when I had my cancer let me tell you, it helped so much...mentally.


Sarah said...

I find that putting stuff out into the universe has an amazing way of affecting your life. It's weird how things work out huh?