Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mr Fussy Pants...

Well, I am settling in back here at home. Doing dishes, mopping floors, making curtains, enjoying the weather and just enjoying being home.

However; today, Mr Man has been so fussy. I can't tell if he is teething or what? For 2 months now he has been chomping on his finger, but it seems he just isn't his happy self.

I am worried he had so much stimulation at the baby sitters that he is bored with me? I am just so confused! He is not sleeping well, and won't stay asleep long either? He isn't sleeping his usual 7 hours at night and he wakes up fussy.

I just hope we can get into a routine and eveything can go back to normal.

What do all you mommy's think?? Teething or something else?


Hot Mamma said...

You know, when my son was a baby, he got 'no reason' fussy too. I went to the chiropractor one day for myself and had him and was chit-chatting about it and he asked if he could give him an adjustment. This was the best thing I could have ever did! My son was the happiest kid ever. His body was so out of whack! Just a thought, I know the chiro could be scary, especially with a baby.

I hope he get's to his better self soon!

The Swallow Family said...

Aww poor guy! Maybe he just needs time to adjust to being back at home since he's been at the baby sitters. Addison always gets a little bit "off" when I change up her routine.

Lindsey said...

Such a cute baby!!!!