Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricanes Starting with I...

Back in 2004, when Hubs and I got married, Hubs planned this amazing honeymoon to Jamaica. It was at this beautiful 5 diamond resort in Ocho Rios, adult only, with only 70 rooms.

When we arrived, we drove down windy roads, and finally ended at this iron gate. It was the most beautiful hotel I had ever seen. It was quaint but grande. It had paintings and when we pulled to the entrance, 2 bellman came to greet us. One grabbed the bags, the other opened the door and asked what we wanted to drink.

"A pina colada" I said, and hubs followed suit.

As we sat in the lobby, we could hear the swish of the ocean. The cool breeze came in the through the back and we closed our eyes for a minute, just enjoying the moment. This was going to be awesome!!!

We were headed to a room (ocean front of course - that's all they had) and we saw this spectacular view!

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It was heaven. The pina colada was slowly taking its effect, the breeze was the perfect temperature, and the room was gorgeous! We couldn't wait to head to the beach!

So, hand in hand, we walked down to the beach to scope it out! It was simply breathtaking.

After only 2 days there; however, we noticed we could be in for some trouble...
Hurrican Ivan was possibly heading our way.

Nah, we thought. It's not gonna hit us! What is the possibility of that?

But... on the night of the 3rd day, all the guests were called in the lobby for a "meeting." Hurricane Ivan WAS going to hit us, and it was quickly picking up speed. Possibly a catagory 5.

We were scared but calm, until we saw the owner of the hotel tell us, while gulping a glass of wine, if the weather man was right, we were in its direct path.

We all stared at the board and saw the path - DIRECTLY on top of us.

OMG!!! What are we going to do? Leave, stay?? We started freaking out.

We tried to get a flight, but unfortunately the airport had shut down due to the hurricane. We were stuck and we were in it for the long haul.

The 4th day quickly came and we really starting noticing the weather. While out on the beach, we saw men in trees cutting coconuts out of branches, we saw the chandelier being tied to the railing, and we saw the weather become darker and darker!

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This is the day before it hit.
We had "meetings" every night to prepare us. We were supposed to take our clothes and put them in our suitcases and put them in plastic bags and lay them on the bed. We were supposed to bring all valuable items with us. We were to wait in our rooms until they told us we had to go into a bunker.

The hurricane was due to hit us in the middle of the night, so we were told to dress comfortably and for very warm weather. If the hurricane got up to winds of 60 miles an hour they were going to have to turn off the generator.

So... we waited. Then, shortly before 5 pm, all guests - including hubs and I - headed to the bunker.

At first, it was a blasts, we drank champange, ate shrimp cocktail, and talked with other guests. But soon, we could hear the wind ripping outside the doors. We heard things crash and things fall to the ground.

Then, at around one in the morning, they told us the winds had become too strong, they would have to turn off the generator.

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The bunker

We sat, with 50 people, from all over the world, in blistering heat. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever been.

You couldn't sleep, because of the heat, and the people that did sleep were snoring so loud it was crazy!

Finally at around 10 am the next morning, we were able to grab our things and head to the room.

This is what we saw:

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The damage had been done.

As we walked to the room, I thanked God no one was hurt and for keeping us safe.

The rest of the trip was just as amazing as the first days.

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There were beaches, dinners and laughter, only now we knew every guest intimately!

We call ourselves the 04 bunker squad!

So, as hurricane Ike prepares to hit Texas, I say bring it ON!!! Catagory 3... you've got nothin' on us!


d.a.r. said...

We went to the same resort for our honeymoon this past January!!! How neat :) I'm so glad you guys survived that ordeal, and MY GOSH you have one heckuva story to tell now. Much better than ours: "it was romantic, we ate a lot, drank a lot, and laid on the beach a lot"!

Stay safe!!!

Katelin said...

oh man that is so scary. stay safe with ike! eee!