Friday, September 19, 2008

Spitting Mad!!

So today, I was seriously spitting mad. I have never actually spat in public, but today I was darn close!

A. Hubs came home from a work trip (where he was gone for 4 days) and decided he didn't sleep on the plane so he wanted to take a nap. I'm sorry, when I want to take a nap with a newborn, that isn't an option. When I tell him this he tells me I have no right to be mad at him. Blugh!!

B. I went to the lighting store with my dad to buy his house a couple of fans and the woman helping us kept giving us bizarre looks. Then finally at the end my dad says, "I am so glad you came with me, because Mom and I would not have been able to decide on anything." Apparently a light went off in her head and she started laughing. She thought I was his wife. Not his daughter. Um... GROSS! Dude... we look alike. Blugh!!

And Finally

I was at Hobby Lobby, paitently waiting in line with my flowers, when this fat old man (FOM), leaning on a cane, behind me starts sighing extremely loud because the woman in front of me had a return. The cashier had called the manager twice before she came. So, when the manager finally came he swings his cane and BANGS it into the line seperator. He starts yelling at the manager

FOM: Lady, don't you have a seperate line for returns, I mean Damn, we all have stuff to do!!
Poor Manager: I'm sorry, sir, normally we do but she is off today
FOM: Well that is Crap, BANG the cane goes again, you're right I said CRAP! Get someone else.

I was utterlly appaled!! B was in his stroller right next to this maniac. So I quickly move him to the other side of the thing. Then, the FOM has the audacity to appologize to the people BEHIND him, saying he had a doctors appointment. So, being the brazen mom I am, I speak up.

Me: You know you should really be appologizing to me, for banging your cane right next to my son!
FOM: When you get to be my age, you are more than welcome to give me advice.
Me: Well, I would think at your age I would know how to act in public, because life is short!!
FOM: You just need to get your stuff and get out of here
Me: Trust me, I'm trying!!
FOM: You know... they don't pay me to be nice
Me: Your damn right about that!!

I just could not believe this FOM was hitting his cane, threatening to do who knows what, right next to my son!

Would you have spoken up?


Hot Mamma said...

Heck yes I would have spoken up! You rock for doing it! People drive me mad sometimes! And your husband should have offered to give you a break and THEN take a nap! And that's a little funny about the girl..amazing how being seen in public with a man makes people assume.

Wouldn't life be so much easier if everyone thought the same way as you??? I guess that would make lack for conversation but still!

Tanja said...

yes, but in a different way.

Sad/mad old man is all he is. NO EXCUSE for his behavior! but since we never know what's going in people's lives, maybe his wife or child just died or something else tragic just happened to make him pissy.Or maybe he was going for a cancer treatment again and only has a few months to live...and hasn't coped with it all yet?

Again, NO EXCUSE for his behavior, if I was in a good place that day, I would of spoken up, if I wasn't, I wouldn't of spoken up.

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry u had a bad day!
Should've taken his cane and ran off with it! ha, I'm kidding! People are crazy impatient!
I don't know what I would have done!
Today is a new day!!!

Anonymous said...

You know I would've said something to him. Maybe if he has somewhere to be he should give himself enough time to get there so that waiting in line an extra 10 minutes didn't ruin his day. Also I hate when people say "You can talk to me when you're my age." FYI I know a lot of people who are older than me and still idiots. Being old doesn't give you the right to be obnoxious, I hate when people think it does.

cdp said...

I get so uncomfortable when people act like that in public, that I usually just stand there and stare at the floor and say nothing. I think you were completely right to speak up though. What a jerk. It pisses me off when older people think they can be rude just because they're older. Umm, no.