Friday, February 13, 2009

Having a tough time?

Figuring out what to do for Valentines day??

I did this last year here

But this year, I found some new ideas... enjoy!

Pucker Up!
Last year at valentine's, I got a big glass pickle jar from a restaurant, scrubbed it clean, and painted the jar with flowers, hearts, sunshine, clouds, etc. (that may be a touch gay... but whatever)

Then I got a bunch of "fancy" doodle pads and began writing reasons & reminders of how & why I love my husband. It didn't stop there-- I began collecting little poems, quotes, and song lyrics to add to the pot.

When my husband is having a rough day he can open the lid and reach in for a "boost". This jar was easy to make and VERY personal, and he enjoys it year 'round. I love to collect stuff for the jar as well!

Tell the world!

One year when we had no money, my husband spelled "I love you Susan Jo" with cutout letters of cardboard and put it on our garage door. When I came home from work, that was there for all the world to see. He was used to coming up with creative idea's on a budget :-)

Well, this year was no different, we live in Ohio, where there is usually snow on the ground in February. So, my hubby got a red can of spray paint (he had already) and out in our pasture, he wrote his Valentine message to me! It was beautiful! Bright red paint on the glistening snow saying "I love you, the love of my life!" The people he worked with thought it was so neat, the newspaper came and took a picture and it was in the evening news! It is one of my most memorable gifts ever.

Dressing up and staying in!

My husband and I had been married for only 5 months on our first Valentine's together. We really didn't have much money to spend on presents, and my husband is not creative at all, so I knew I would have to come up with something if I want a romantic Valentine's.

So the week before the 14th we decided that we were not going to buy presents, instead we would make the day special by doing something together. Because we are both working, and too tired in the evening to cook, we bought our dinners from a lady, so dinner was all ready.

When we got home from work, we dressed... and I mean dressed. I wore my most beautiful black evening dress, and he wore a black suit and white shirt (he looked so sexy)... While I was doing my hair and my make-up (as if we were going to a fancy place), he quickly set the table, lit the candles, and put on some soft music.We ended up dancing and sitting on the couch, telling each other how much we loved the other one, and in the end it was the most romantic evening of my life. *Le Swoon!*

Memories... at the corner of my mind...

The most creative thing I've ever done for Valentine's Day, is decorate a huge piece of white poster board with memories. I took candy wrappers that I saved from the first date, as well as love notes received from my honey, a receipt from a date that I paid for (since he was broke), a stuffed animal from one of those claw machines (which cost my beloved at least $25 to win), movie stubs, and other little reminders of the special times spent together. I safety-pinned the items in the shape of a heart.

Any Brilliant Valentines day ideas??


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all of your creative Valentine's Day ideas. You and your husband sound like you have a wonderful relationship!

Andréa said...

Jacqueline: Thanks! But I just found these from websites and thought they were cute. These were submitted by random people :D

Katelin said...

aw what cute ideas. if only i had time to be so crafty this year, haha.