Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sailors Only!

Hello fellow bloggers, freaders and friends! Today, is Ash Wednesday and with that comes Lent!

Even if your not Catholic you know about Lent.

You have to give up something and hopefully (and with the power of prayer) keep that up unitl Easter. It is just a little something we can do to show our appreciation for what Jesus did for us.

With that said... this year I have decided to give up...


Holy Mother! I am like a female sailor over here. I don't know what it is, but recently, I have become a potty mouth :(

So... now that Mr Man is picking up on everything and anything we do I thought this would be prime opportunity to give it up! Hopefully for good, but AT LEAST until Easter!

What are you giving up for Lent?


d.a.r. said...

Haha! I'm glad you are! My best friend has a 6 month old little boy and it won't be too much longer before he starts emulating his "Auntie Danielle". Her husband will find it amusing, but my friend..not so much! :)

Good luck to you, and Happy Ash Wednesday! We are so blessed because of the sacrifices that Jesus made for us!

Kelli said...

I am taking a hint from you and following your lead! (Plus, I am much to lazy and selfish to give up any type of food!)
This will be a hard goal for me!

Katelin said...

i still haven't decided what i'm going to do for lent this year, one year it was french fries but i don't know if i could do that again, haha.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that! Ever blogged on turtles? Inquiring minds want to know!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Haha, see my post from today! Oops, you already did. I'm just going to church more!