Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're In the Money!!


Well, not really... but I did GET THE JOB!


I start next Wednesday and we already registered Mr Man for daycare. It was so cute today, when he went into the classroom (while we were registering) he freaked out at first, then just went right to the teacher and gave her a big smile.

As soon as we walked out the door (and peeked back in) he was happily playing on the ground with the other babies, waving bye bye.

He starts Monday and we are going to do 2 half days and on Wednesday he is going to be full on.

I am really excited about this new position. I think there will be challenges, as in anything, but I think it will be good for B to get out there and meet new people and for Mommy to have some "mommy time!"


Classy in Philadelphia said...

Yaaay! Congrats.

d.a.r. said...

Eeek, how did I not see this before?? Congrats, congrats! I think this will be so good for your entire family! It will give B an opportunity to socialize and learn, it will give you some time to be someone other than "mommy", and it will give you all a little extra $ :)

I am so happy for you!

Katelin said...

aw congrats! that is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Good job momma! You freakin rock!

Sarah said...

yay for you! What a great opportunity for growth for you fam!