Monday, February 9, 2009

I need a replacement...

What's the warranty on this thing?

Well, at least that's what my parents should've asked when I was born.

Today, I am sitting at home, in my bed, dosed on large amounts of IBProfen, trying to ice my back. It seems leaning over and pulling a 22lb human onto your lap may not be that great of an idea :)

Yesterday, while trying to maneuver Mr Man, I pulled my back. And since I already have a mild case of scoliosis, it really did a number on me.

I went to the chiropractor, only for him to tell me I am royally screwed and I should stay in bed. Boo!

So, my awesome aunt in-law is over, taking care of Mr Man, while I rest in my bed.

Darn, I just need an upgrade? Why hasn't Dr Rey put together some sort of upgrade package? He'd be a bazillionaire! Maybe I should email him... any ideas on his email address?


La said...

Wow You have changed and why do you have fake grass next to your bed! LOL!!!

Julie Q said...

awwwww feel better!! hooray for aunt-in-laws :)

Sweetbabs said...

Sorry to hear that you have pulled you back. I hope you get well soon.

That Mr. Man he needs to stop growing so well. 22lbs!! My little on just turned 9 months old today and her weight is 15 10oz. 5th% for weight. Ahg.... I am really trying to put more weight on her but after the month from hell it is slow going.

Kelli said...

Hey Lovie! Hope today finds you on the mend and feeling better!

... take care of yourself!