Thursday, October 2, 2008


Dear Teeth,

Please arrive and show your little white heads. You are wreaking havoc on my poor little man! My best friend said to put pacifiers in the fridge(THANK YOU Missy!!) and that is the only thing (and Tylenol) that helps. I am so sad for him. He is just screaming and trying desperatly to stop the pain. So if you could hurry your little selves up and pop through the gums, I would really appreciate it. Kthx!
Dear Doctors,

Please find out what the hell is wrong with me. I don't care what it is, cancer or not, I just really want someone to find out what is wrong. Kthx!
Dear Mocha (my chihuahua),

Can you take a class or something to make you smarter? You are the dumbest dog I have ever met. PS While you're at it, can you take a potty training class, then come back and be obedient and smart. Kthx!

Any dear's you want to add?


HM said...

Oh poor little man, teething hurts so bad!

And a chihuahua? Oh man, good luck with the getting smarter part!

When do your MRI results come back?

Sarah said...

Teeth?! Already, man he is growing up so quickly!

Sarah said...

Teeth?! Already, man he is growing up so quickly!

d.a.r. said...

Hang in there...I'm sure the waiting is totally fraying your nerves.

And yeah, my dogs are being dumb too. Perhaps they sense when we are stressed and act ridiculous? :)

missy said...

Try teething tablets, too. They are homeopathic (sp?) and you can give them to him all day long. We also used baby orajel with camomille....that and a cold sassy always seems to work. Good luck Mommy.....I wish I could say it gets better. I seriously think the first 4 are the worse.