Monday, October 27, 2008

Can you spoil a 6 month old?

Because with the way B is acting, I feel like we are headed in that direction.

I can't put Mr Man down without him crying. Then, when he sees me going somewhere, he screams even louder to get my attention. Being the new mom that I am, I come rushing to his side.

I have tried to ignore him, but he just seems so pittiful.

We still have the cold - this thing is a bitch and a half - but I am not sure it is that.

When I ignore him and let him cry for 1 minute or so, he distracts himself and is fine.

I am going to make a doc's apt for me today, to see if I can take anything, so we are not giving it right back to each other.

I just don't know what to do. I am running on empty with 7 days of not sleeping and no help from Hubs.

Any Mommy advice?


d.a.r. said...

Obviously I'm not a mommy, so take my advice with a grain of salt. But, if he is doing okay after a minute or so and can entertain himself, it seems like he is just doing it to get attention! I know my heart would break if I heard my baby crying too, but at some point he has to learn to soothe himself, right?

Go get yourself some medicine, have your mama come over and watch B, then go take a nap!!!!

Lindsay said...

Um nope, not trying to get your attention. It's called separation anxiety and welcome to my world. They need you emotionally and physically. Read about it it. I've heard it gets worse...great! I'm sorry your not getting a break bc hubs is gone. My hubby is here and I still don't get a break...Miss Priss screams if I walk out of the room to as much as PEE! Yes, she would just rather have her mommy and I try to remember that before long she will be slamming the door in my face bc I'm not cool anymore and I'll want these precious months back. Hang tuff dear! :)We'll have a girls night ONLY soon!!!

Jessica said...

I don't have any Mommy advice since I'm not a Mommy but I babysat an infant all last year 3 times a week who was totally mommy-obsessed.

She would be adorable and loving and sweet until her Mommy left the room and she went CRAAAZY and it would literally take me two hours to calm her down.

It's so interesting to me, since I'm not a Mom, but it must feel amazing to know that someone depends on you so much!

Michelle said...

No, you can not spoil a 6 month old BABY. You are his world and that is all that he knows. He has learned that you can go away, he is getting perception down but doesn't quite yet know that you are going to come back. Just keep him close by and remember this too shall pass. Wait until he is hanging on your leg when you are trying to leave the house, thats where I am now. :)

HM said...

Sure, in about 6 more months he "might" not do it anymore. Need you so much. I don't know though, Freckles lasted until about 1.5 years. It's a mom/son thing I think. I know, makes you crazy! But kind of sweet in a way that he loves his mama so much huh?